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The ‘White Spiritual Boy’ off-ledger black screen accounts

January 7, 2022

The Committee of 300 (Tavistock Institute) shadow government banking nexus

Raw data
Bank names. Account names. Account numbers. Balances.

White Spiritual Boy accounts
Spiritual Wonder Boy accounts
Spiritual Ally accounts
Spiritual Allied Forces accounts
Morning Star accounts
Spiritual Maria Cristina accounts
Unknown Man accounts
Falcon 1 to Falcon 999 accounts
Croplands account
Walnut account
Peter Stone account

King David account
LSM-TMV666 accounts

Picture: HSBC White Spiritual Boy a/c 2010 + 3 Committee of 300 signatures.

Picture: US Federal Reserve Board Account 5525525424AM Spiritual Wonder Boy.

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List 1 of 2
Bank Account Data Sheet
Euroclear: EUASBLP12000


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