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While others talk, China delivers

February 11, 2022

Proving ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics (touch)’ works & over 700 million people have been lifted into prosperity in 4 decades

China’s war on poverty

  1. Too little, too late…

    Trust me.

    After the coming war ‘tween communist china and Uncle Sham, when the dust settles, it will be your k_ jewish friends who are gonna get blamed for everything and “deep-sixed”.

    (So many I know of practically blame “the chosen race” for all their present miseries.)

    • YT, you lost me here because you are off-topic. What are you babbling about?

      Anyway, lifting over 700 million people out of poverty in 4 decades is not something to pooh-pooh. Your home country of about only 35 million people now, has been trying to rid this scourge for over 60 years and is getting no where near. Pull your head out of your arse.

      • You are a damn fool.

        Why then are all those skanks from mainland china marrying our dimwits or marrying those white foreign devils and leaving for other shores?

        Kindly relinquish your malaysian citizenship and go live under that technocrat dictatorship, I dare you.

        An associate of mine never even lasted more than half a year over yonder.

        Seriously, as much as I detest these corrupt hoodlums in our cesspool of a country, communist countries are not exactly the utopias one might think.

        Look at jack ma and the other celebrities that have suffered as a result.

        If this is not coming close to a repeat of the “cultural revolution”, you must surely read more History instead of quoting some ‘book’ penned by dubious scribes in some mid-eastern desert region from centuries prior.

        • I will entertain you just on this point so you know you ARE talking through your arse: “Look at jack ma and the other celebrities that have suffered as a result.”

          Question re just Jack Ma: How & where, in the first place, did he make his billions? Was it in a different China then, or what? In case you are enamoured with his success & big talk and got your brain muddled, it was and still is the same China!

          Well, Jack Ma screwed himself when he got too big for his boots (became Americanised and believed foolishly he was God-sent and could do no wrong!), foraying into matters of politics and telling the authority how to run things. Jack played with fire and he got burnt. And he deserves every flaming bit of it! It’s this simple: China did not mess with Jack’s business until the jackass poked his nose into where it does not belong! All said, Jack Ma was clever to be stupid.

          Here’s an analysis of where the jackass had erred:

          He forgot China is not America. One does not simply shoots off one’s mouth without consequence. Being a celebrity matters not, money doesn’t talk and there are no ‘foundations’ he can contribute millions to so he can get away with murder, if you get my drift.

          • Yes, apparently for dimwits – or rather “little pink commies” – like yourself, your friends who share the same belief system (i.e. “christianity”) as you across China are also under the category of “Americanised”.

            Ah, no matter: knowing how the communist chinks buy over the foreign media companies that flop, I reckon you shall awake one morning to find that you can no longer post on Christianity or vaxxes.

            You shall be forced to “flip” over a “great firewall” just to reach your audience abroad.

            “winnie the pooh” now demands worship from hoi polloi – I guess he now replaces Buddha, Jesus and Confucius in China.

            You be wary ’bout what you wish for.

            Or has your prized bible not taught you the folly of worshipping false idols?

            • Ahh, now displaying the typical leftist, brain-dead characteristics. Nothing concrete to offer but ad hominem lashing out as usual. Amusing as it is you’re foaming in the mouth … shooting in the dark … flailing and floundering like a lunatic unbound from his straight-jacket.

              And since you’re an ignoramus about scripture, you’re in no position to try to school me about theology. At the least go learn something from Richard Dawkins. Then come and be the clown and entertain me with some comedic relief.

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