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Video claims Ukraine troops shoot citizens trying to flee cities

March 4, 2022


Utterly horrifying video has come out of Ukraine which purports to show slaughtered civilians, some still in the cars at border checkpoints, machine-gunned to death, allegedly by Ukrainian Army Troops or Border Guards.

The shocking…video from a motorist who came upon the scene in his own car, and presumably recorded via his cell phone camera, shows him getting out of his car and walking up to the dead bodies on the road, outside of passenger vehicles, shot multiple times; in the head and in the torso.

Footage comes from Mariupol where a husband and wife come upon a massacre at a Ukrainian checkpoint…

The bodies appear to be dead. There is absolutely no movement, and no signs of breathing, no breath-steam in the air around any of them.

As the man and another passenger from his car who is apparently a female, though never seen on the video, examine the scene, machine gun fire erupts repeatedly. The man runs back to his car. More machine gun fire erupts and the sounds of breaking car glass are heard, before the video stops.

UNCORROBORATED information is that the man survived, and is in hiding, but the woman died.

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

..It is often said that “truth is the first casualty of war” and that has certain been readily apparent from the start of hostilities between Ukraine and Russia. Numerous claims put out by Ukraine have proved to be utter falsehoods.

For instance, on “Snake Island” off the coast of Ukraine, the government claimed that troops from the Ukraine Army were contacted by a Russian Navy ship and told to surrender or they would be fired upon. The troops allegedly radioed back, telling the Russians “F**k you.” The Ukraine government then claimed the island was attacked and all the troops were killed. The men were even awarded honors posthumously . . . . only to later see those very same troops, alive and well, in Russian military custody!

Other videos from other sources have used air strike bombings from other conflicts around the world, and claimed they were video of Ukraine.

So many instances of outright false information are already out on the Internet, it is very tough to sift through what is true and what is false.

I cannot confirm any of the facts surrounding this video. I leave it to your common decide for yourselves if what the video shows, is factual.

(excerpts)Report by Hal Turner

Alternate Report

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  1. MsheArt permalink

    I wonder if this poor man who seems very upset very shaken making me feel this was real, but them if he was recording this horror, and then it seems as if he and she could of been shot then how did the video get upload to the web. My heart breaks for them, if this is real its beyond horrific.

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