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Amazing how the fake ‘Covid pandemic’ is dying as Putin de-militarizes & de-Nazifies Ukraine

March 16, 2022

* Millions of people fully vaccinated for Covid are now suffering from excruciating illnesses  
* Whilst you were distracted by Russia’s invasion, Australian gov. publishes data confirming Fully-Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 Covid deaths; some ‘Quadruple’ Vaccinated
* Protests around the world — Resisting Covid tyranny!  
* Overview of the real-world experience and evidence of widespread Covid vaccine Injuries & Deaths  

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Proof a greater part of the stupid world was DECEIVED & CONNED and govts paid billions of their tax-payers’ money for bio-weaponised vaccines to harm & kill their own people.

Sadly, the damage had been done. The vaccinated, while dying a slow, sure death, they have also become super-spreaders of diseases their body have developed as a result of the destruction of their body’s immunity. Yes, when you don’t have immunity in your body, you have AIDS.

Let Nuremberg Trial 2.0 begin and let us bring all those responsible to be accountable for their part in this crime against humanity.

Klaus Schwab, Founder of World Economic Forum (WEF)
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