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World’s deadliest sniper Wali from Canada dead, after only 20 minutes into action

March 16, 2022

Obviously not any more deadlier than a Russian Spetsnaz, right? URAAA!!!

* Who is Wali? “World’s deadliest sniper” who fought against ISIS turns his sights on Russian troops  

With numerous first-hand testimonies like these below, the fake news media want you to believe the Ukraine troops are whupping Russian troops’ asses? LOL

Foreign volunteer for Ukraine: “Ukrainians will shoot us in the back if we don’t fight!”

We’re hearing this more and more now, and once the volunteers are stuck inside Ukraine they’re threatened with being shot if they want to leave. They’re being sent with little ammo on suicide missions where entire groups have refused to fight. Many have had to sneak out of their training camps and try to make it back home.

Translation: “The base [military] has been destroyed … bombarded. I have friends who are dead … we are retreating … [inaudible]. The base has been destroyed … there was another bombardment over there too an instance ago.”


Russian paratroopers captured a large number of foreign weapons during the fighting in the Kiev region. #Ukraine #russia #chechen #fyp

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