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Read this if you are European. It will hurt you … you will suffer … but you must read it.

April 12, 2022

Europe has chosen its fate, and chose the destiny for Russia. What you will see now is the death of Europe – economically.

By Bruno Bertez – April 9, 2022

It would be necessary to oblige each pseudo journalist specializing in Covid, money, finance, economics, geopolitics, diplomacy — in short, each stereotype at the service of the elites — to read this and do a written critical analysis. This well-written article exposes a point of view that hurts, but you must know … it’s well worth your time!

Written by a Russian

We have become the world champions of sanctions, surpassing the former leader Iran. The United States and the European Union have put all their cards on the table, even exploding mines that do more damage to them than to us.

One example is the freezing of dollars and euros from our reserves. We have lost 300 billion dollars, which we will save again in about a year. The US and the EU have lost their reputation because an arbitrary default on the dollar and the euro will automatically trigger the gradual withdrawal of dollars and euros from the reserve currency category.

So-called “paper money” (fiat) is really just a receipt, a promise to deliver goods in the future. Imagine that you bring Sam a cart of manure. Sam gives you a receipt: I, Sam Smith, passport such-and-such, residing there, promise to deliver to Vasily an iPhone 14 in perfect condition. The next day, after shaving, you come to Sam for an iPhone. And Sam tells you – you are Russian, get out of here before I draw a sexual organ on my receipt.

This is what happened to the dollars and euros. The whole village saw that Sam’s receipts were not reliable, since Sam did not keep his word as a merchant.

The Americans and Europeans would not be so affected if the ruble collapsed. They have already frozen the gold reserves of other countries – Iran, Venezuela, Syria. Investors were very annoyed by this, because investors are not fooled, but the situation was still different: the amounts were small on a global scale and the financial systems of the attacked countries collapsed in a chain after the American attack. The freezing of the gold reserves of the small unrewarded countries was not seen as a scam, but as an aggression, an arbitrary manifestation of force. Investors were ready to accept this.

But the ruble did not collapse after the American attack, on the contrary. Right now, I’m writing this article, and the ruble is trading at about 78 or 80 rubles to the dollar, which is not much higher than October’s 79 rubles to the dollar, and still lower than the peak at which the dollar jumped in the middle of the 2014-2015 Currency Crisis.

In fact, we bought for those stolen 300 billion dollars a unique historical opportunity to create our own reserve currency, the energy ruble. Perhaps it was worth the effort and the punishment.

The Americans, on the other hand, turned out to be the unlucky hunter in the joke, who slipped a double-barreled shotgun into the den. The hunter tried to shoot the sleeping bear and pulled the trigger, but the gun missed and the bear woke up …

Thus, the United States and the EU have already used almost all their financial and economic weapons against Russia. But here the game is not at all in their favor: it is like trying to bite through a car wheel with your teeth. In fact, this is why Western politicians are now fighting so hysterically. Russia is a problem that is destroying their financial system and that they can’t solve.

The main reason why the West has found itself in such an unenviable situation is the natural change in our world.

In the 21st century, the once powerful West has donned a leather harness and decorated its ass with multi-colored feathers, and the East, led by China, has gradually taken over the industrial and technological leadership of the West.

[ Editor’s Note: This happened because greedy Republicans thought they were so smart that they would take permanent political control of the country via wrecking the union voting block by exporting our manufacturing jobs overseas. It worked, and killing independent media was next by allowing it to be consolidated into the hands of the few where it was easier to control. If you don’t believe this look again at all the MSM coverage of the Ukraine war, and all the others, they are all in lockstep … JD, Veterans Today]

Let’s look at how high-tech exports from different countries have changed over the years:

1990. The United States is the leader, Japan is second, Germany is third. China is not even in the top ten.

1991. China is the leader, the U.S. is in second place by a small margin, Germany and Japan are right behind the U.S. The gap between first and fourth place is small.

YEAR 2019. China’s leader. Germany is in second place, 3.5 (!) times behind. Singapore is third. The United States is in fourth place, behind China by about 5 times. China’s high-tech exports are greater than those of the top ten Western countries combined.

People are very inert, especially adults,
so Western politicians are still mentally living in it,
in the mid-2000s, when the U.S. and China were fighting on equal terms.

However, 15 years have already passed and the US has fallen behind, they are completely hopeless. They are only kept afloat by the inertia of the dollar, which, before the February default, was a reserve currency in its own right.

Have you heard of Wenzhou? Show it on the map? I am sure you haven’t. Anyway, recently Wenzhou was considered backward, there was even the term “poor Wenzhou”. Nowadays, thanks to the invigorating capitalism, Wenzhou is booming. There are many factories of various industries – for example, the city is a world center for the production of low voltage equipment.

Here’s an hour and a half video for you – just drive a car through the streets of Wenzhou, no need for a parade shot from a quadcopter of newly built skyscrapers or other embellished images for tourists. This is how the most ordinary person sees the city on a daily basis.

Once again, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that, by Chinese standards, Wenzhou is a small city, a backwater, a regional center of Zhejiang provincial province. 9.5 million people is a trifle by Chinese standards, almost a village.

The Zhejiang clothing company Semir Garment (Semir and Balabala brands, which you don’t know, unlike the Dolce and Gabbana faggots), the shoe company Aima, the household appliance factories General Electric and Schneider Electric (yes, yes, it’s all from there), are based in Wenzhou, as well as the steel mills of the Shagang group. They even launched the subway three years ago.

And by way of comparison, Brussels, the capital of the NATO butchers.

With all my love for the historic streets of old cities, it is a hopeless province. The United States and the European Union are no longer at the level where they can hope to compete with Asia.

And while we only look at China, there is also India, whose population is almost equal to China’s, and where high technology is now developing at a very high rate.

In the West, it is customary to joke about India in the traditional formats of toilet humor. However, India is big, it has about 5 million programmers alone. And since everything is in order in the well-oiled Indian brain, quantity inevitably turns into quality.

But there is also Indonesia with a population of 280 million. Pakistan – 230 million. Brazil – 210 million … and in every country now there is Internet, there is access to education, there are opportunities to build factories and laboratories.

The West considers itself “the whole world” only because it has not yet been punched in the nose sensibly enough.

It happens that Russia is now giving it this blow: with the back-up of Asia, Africa and Latin America. And the West can do absolutely nothing against us, since it is also behind us in terms of the number of nuclear warheads.

We don’t have as many nuclear weapons as we did in the Soviet era, but we have enough to send the United States into the Stone Age if necessary. As a result, the U.S. is flailing in a chair, biting its fingernails, shouting expletives… but still not crossing certain borders.

America’s position seems hopeless.

China is preparing to crush the United States economically, and there is little chance of detente, since the West has behaved absolutely beastly toward China over the past few centuries, and since the West clearly will not begin to think about its behavior until it has suffered a full-blown crisis. a full-fledged and devastating defeat.

The West cannot inflict critical damage on China, because to do so requires isolating China from Russia, which is technically impossible – we share a land border with China. We supply China with food and hydrocarbons, that is more than enough for an economic victory over the United States, no matter what blockades the United States undertakes.

There is no way to destroy Russia first, then China – militarily, Russia is too strong,

Perhaps if the Americans had not been so aggressive, if they had not moved the NATO bases to the East, if they had not tirelessly fomented revolutions and civil wars on the territory of the former USSR, their hegemony could have lasted a little longer.

However, living in peace does not concern the Americans. They are stupid, arrogant and greedy. The United States went to aggravate the conflict with the East and, it seems, they lost.

Remember, I told you that we would become the spearhead of China’s spear directed at the heart of the West? And you wonder why Russia? Well, as you can see, it was not possible to imagine it otherwise: Geography is inevitable.

Putin tried to establish friendship with Europe, he offered them all kinds of options that would have been beneficial to them – but no, it didn’t work. Even the Germans, logical and thoughtful people who calculate everything on a calculator, could not help giving in to the general European Russophobia.

Europe has chosen its fate. And chose the destiny for Russia. What you see now is the death of Europe. Even if it is not a question of nuclear strikes on industrial centers, Europe is doomed.

In a situation where European industry is left without cheap Russian energy sources and raw materials – and China will start receiving these same energy carriers and raw materials at reduced prices, there can be no question of real European competition with China.

As a result, literally everything will collapse there after industry it will be agriculture welfare and social security will collapse, hunger, banditry and chaos will start. I do not even believe that the transition to Nazism can save these states; the decadence has gone too far, too many parasites have come to gorge themselves on European profits.

And in everything, the Europeans will blame the Russians. Therefore, they will step on us, get hit in the face, wash with blood – and climb again.

At some stage, things will turn to the vitrification of some European capitals, as well as the sinking of the “island of villains” under the water level in the French Channel. They are stupid, they will not calm down. History teaches that it teaches no one anything.

Nobody cares about Ukraine. Ukraine is just a place, a battlefield where Russia has decided to fight Europe.

They have implemented the concept of “small bloodshed on foreign territory.” It’s a pity for the elites, but they themselves are to blame – they really wanted to please, to serve the Eurogays, and now they have done it.

By the way, Europe fully accepted the proposed conditions and went to war – now the Czech Republic is shipping about 1000 T-72 and BMP-1 tanks from its stocks to Ukraine. Now they are transported on railway platforms.

By the way, this is not bad for us – we have a chance to destroy most of this load during transportation, the rest will crash and break, and NATO will lose another thousand tanks.

That’s what this war is all about.


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  1. Rodolfo permalink

    A pretty good summation of what is coming. The people in my Bible study do not have a clue about any of this. They watch the mainstream news and buy it all. In the 1800’s there was Mormonism, Jehovas Witnesses, 7day adventists, Marxists, and evolutionists. But the biggest cult of them all is the Dispensationalists who read the Bible through the lens of their Talmudists overlords. Why would the spirit of God fully occupy the souls of people that believe so many lies?

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