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Russian forces enter the catacombs in Azovstal, discover over 600 dead

May 6, 2022

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By WarNews 24/7

Shocking images come to light from Azovstal where the steel factory is heavily bombed by air force and artillery.

The Russian Defence Ministry announced a few hours ago more than 600 dead Ukrainians with the vast majority coming from Azovstal!

Unfortunately, WarNews247, which wrote last night about the “carnage of the dead”, is unfortunately confirmed. In the end, things were even worse as Russia launched the fiercest attack since the start of the war in Ukraine.

U.S. and Ukrainian military sources said Russia took off strategic Tu-160 bombers and launched cruise missiles against the plant. At the same time, Caspian warships and a Black Sea submarine assisted in the bombing operations.

From the videos released by the Russians, it appears that they are bombing Azov’s forces with an MLRS BM-21 “Grad”, D-20 guns of 152mm as directed artillery projectile 2K25 Krasnopol of 152 mm. Around the perimeter there are tanks and snipers.

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Carnage of the dead in Azovstal: Russia unleashed “Carpet Bombing” – Artillery Bombings, Air Force & tanks

They entered the catacombs!

Russian forces managed to enter the underground catacombs where melee battles are now being waged with the Ukrainians and Azov’s forces.

Yesterday, after pounding for several hours, Russian forces managed to break the defenses of the Ukrainians and Azov’s forces who are buried in the Azovstal factory.

Late at night, with the help of a former steelworker Azovstal, who allegedly pointed to the hatches and routes of the tunnels, Russian forces managed to enter the catacombs.

Today, an official of Azov’s forces refuted the Ukrainian government, which announced that “Russian forces had been pushed back.” The Azov member said fierce fighting is being waged inside the factory and Russian forces have not been pushed back.

He even again sought help from Zelensky to “help the wounded soldiers who are trapped.”

Sviatoslav Palamar said in a video he uploaded that “the wounded soldiers trapped in the factory are dying from inadequate medical care.”

“Once again: no one kicked anyone out, they are in the factory. The fierce fighting continues,” Palamar told Channel 24.

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They “melt” Nikolaev with an eye on Odessa: The Russians threw in the battle 2S7M “Malka” and TOS-1 – They entered Oskil and Liman

Russian Ministry of Defence: “We killed 600 Ukrainians”

Russia announced thursday that its artillery hit several positions and strongholds of Ukraine during the night, killing more than 600 Ukrainian and mercenary soldiers.

According to the announcement:

“The armed forces of the Russian Federation are continuing the special military operation in Ukraine,” the Defence Ministry said.

“More than 600 soldiers and 61 units of weapons and military equipment were killed”

His missiles destroyed equipment at the Kanatovo military airport in Ukraine’s central Kirovochrad region, a large ammunition depot in Nikolaev and a fuel storage facility in the Zhovtneve region.

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“We destroyed the Headquarters in Kramatorsk”

In addition, the headquarters of the 17th Armoured Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, four areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment, as well as two warehouses of military equipment at a military airport near Kramatorsk were hit.

During the night, the operational-tactical and military air force of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit 93 areas of concentration of manpower and Ukrainian military equipment, two administrative centers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as two launchers and a transport-loading vehicle of the Tochka-U tactical missile system.

Artillery units hit 32 command posts, five ammunition depots, 403 points and areas for the concentration of manpower and military equipment, as well as 51 Ukrainian artillery positions.


“We shot down three aircraft and 14 UAVs”

Russian air defense systems shot down three aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force: an Su-24 in the fidonisi region, a Su-27 in the North W region. Ingulets area of Hersonas and a Su-25 in the area of Koshevoe Settlement, Dnepropetrovsk region.

In addition, 14 Ukrainian drones were destroyed during the night in the areas of Verbovka, Velyka Kamyshevakha, Brazhkovka, Veseloye, Peremoga, Bolshie Prohody, Barvinok, Avdeevka, Dolya, Kamenka, Severodonetsk, including a Bayraktar-TB2.

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“The Russians entered the Azovstal”

“The Russian occupiers are engaged in cutting off and are trying to wipe out the Ukrainian units in Azofstal,” the Ukrainian army said in a statement this morning.

According to this source, Russian troops “resumed their offensive with the support of planes aimed at putting the factory under their control.”

Dennis Procopenko, commander of the Azov battalion that defends the steel factory, pointed out in a video posted on the internet last Wednesday night that Russian forces managed to enter Azofstall, where “fierce and bloody fighting” is raging.

“Two days ago the enemy managed to enter the factory site,” he pointed out in this video published in Telegram.

“I am proud of my soldiers who are making superhuman efforts to resist enemy attack. I am grateful to the whole world for the tremendous support it has given to the fortress of Mariupol. Our soldiers deserve it,” Procopenko added.

Watch video …


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