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Rtd US Admiral Eric Olson, British LTC John Bailey & Nato officers captured at Azovstal steel plant

May 16, 2022

* Why did Lloyd Austin call Sergei Shoigu? (video)  
* Statement from Ukrainian 1st battalion, 1st company, 115th Brigade (video)  
* Appeal of Ukrainian 1st Vinnitsa Rifle Battalion – situation shockingly pathetic! (video)  
* 7 US mercenaries killed by Russian forces in Donbass    

From → World Watch

  1. Fudo permalink

    Generals? Impale them on a pike while alive thru their ass hole and the back of a neck and level them dying for 3 days. Kill them all

  2. Harsh for sure but this is what happens when people see horrific treatment and crimes carried out by socialist and NAZIs for far too long. When the maniacs get away with it all for too long they come or believe their crimes are legitimate and do more crimes ! Same is true here in USA with our own criminals.

    Was Jesus peaceful or angry when he went to the Temple ? Wake up people we are nit supposed to stand by and watch these crimes daily like abortion and harming children in many other ways. . Jesus said when the robbers come to your house take up a sword !

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