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Senior officers & operatives from 3 other countries also reportedly captured at Azovstal catacombs!!

May 22, 2022

It appears US, Britain, Canada, Israel, France & Germany have all ganged up with Ukraine to go to war against Russia!!

  • From IsraelIDF officers who are experts in urban combat advising Ukrainian military to use civilians as human shields
  • From FranceSenior military intelligence officers training Ukrainian soldiers in deployment of anti-tank complexes, counter-battery systems and aerial reconnaissance by copters
  • From GermanyOfficers from German intelligence BND providing Ukrainian military with counter-intelligence at the frontlines
  • From BritainMI6 intelligence officers /operatives providing expertise covering 5 key areas: (1) Advisory service at Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol (2) Advisory service to head of Zelensky’s regime in Kiev, Andrei Ermak, who personally oversaw all operations concerning the staged ‘bloody war crimes’ at Bucha (3) Advisory service in upcoming provocations at Kramatorsk, Bouts, Irpin, Chernihiv, Sumy and other regions (4) Counter-intelligence service personally to Zelensky inside his headquarters (5) Technical service & satellite facility for closed-channels communications with world leaders

Ahh, now we know why some time between mid-April and mid-May there were flurries of individual flights to Kremlin by some big-wigs for urgent eye-ball-to-eye-ball sit-downs with Putin during the conflict.

Yes, Macron of France; Scholz of Germany; Erdogan of Turkey (probably on behalf of Justin [the bastard son of Carlos] Trudeau of Canada); certain Jews & IDF officers of Israel (also on behalf of Jew oligarchs of Ukraine); certain diplomats of Britain; certain big-wigs of Europe; and (by phone only) Llyod Austin of US – ALL DID THAT & TRIED THEIR LUCK AT ACHIEVNG SOMETHING.

[Recall the incident in early April about a dry cargo vessel that broke away from a convoy and abruptly changed course and headed desperately for Mariupol port, which got captured? Now we know that was an earlier attempt to achieve something, too.]

But all left Kremlin empty-handed and subsequently on home ground began to make loud calls to pile on ‘more sanctions’ against Russia. Such despicable hypocrites and sore losers, all of them!

Now it has become obvious that the Bear, at the time, was in no mood to agree to any suggestion for midnight extractions of ‘sensitive operatives,’ to help save face and cover up war crimes against Russia by all countries involved – France, Germany, Canada, Israel, Britain, US. Nice try you doubled-headed snakes.

To Putin … URAAA!!!


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