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Are our ministers going to do what the devil-worshipping bureaucrats at Davos have told them?

May 27, 2022

They are ELECTED by us Malaysians & represent us; NOT the evil Khazarian mafia NWO globalists!!

* WHO Are You? WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO? – The W.H.O. World Order  
* The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty “is tied to a global digital passport and ID system”  

YB Khairy Jamaluddin, Senator Tengku Zafrul

Are they going to do, among others, the following in Tanah Air Ku?

  • Impose individual carbon footprint tracking
  • Drive energy prices sky high
  • Implement digital currency

This devil-worshipper believes the Khazarian mafia NWO globalists have formed their “World Government” and the meeting at Davos seals the deal

Have a listen to this minister from India …

A word from senator Rand Paul about the ‘talk’ at Davos …


Executive Director of Oxfam at World Economic Forum reveals
“Covid has been one of the MOST PROFITABLE products ever”

Oxfam International’s executive director Gabriela Bucher


Monkey Pox decoded!!

The usual suspects making tons of money by
making monkeys out of us with a bioterrorism scam

Monkey Pox = Money Pox

You devil-worshipping Khazarian mafia NWO globalists …

Go read: As usual, Big Pharma is cashing in on all the monkeypox hysteria

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