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Monkey Pox is NOT TRANSMISSABLE to humans, unless you have this in your body

May 27, 2022

Hello people,

Illumination came to me while i was reading an article about monkey pox and how they are pushing vaxx for it.

Now let’s take a look, monkey pox cannot affect humans, no matter what they do to it, not species compatible, unless we look at the DNA of the rhesus monkey that has existed in all vaccines for the last 36 years.

Hmm, there must have been a reason for the impregnation of rhesus monkey DNA in the vaccines and why it would be present in all of them.

Rhesus monkey can be affected by monkey pox, and if it’s in you because of your severe Boron deficiency, which exists in over 95% of the population, well then it can affect you.

If you did not have a Boron deficiency, then the DNA and contaminants would have been immediately recognized as waste and expelled.

Borax/Boron is by far the biggest medical conspiracy in the world and it is the reason why any of this Covid vaccine shit is even around.

98% of diseases and sicknesses revolve around Boron and your parathyroid (which no medical or others will talk about, because it’s 98% of their recurring business).

The one store here actually stopped selling Borax, i guess its starting to get out there on how it is such a powerful healer.

Also why be afraid of monkey pox when simple colloidal silver annihilates it, and 649 other sicknesses and diseases on contact.

Hell, the US patent (#5676977, code US005676977A) for the AIDS cure back in 1997, they knew it back in 1983 but the official patent was 1997.

Tetra is important. Borax is Sodium or Potassium (depending on what source) … TETRA-borate, Tetra is the secret to using these type of things. Colloidal silver is silver TETRA-oxide.

What is the best and only thing that gets at aluminum and other heavy metals like strontium, barium, cadium mercury, etc. and also pass through the blood brain barrier and clean it up as well as decalcify the pineal gland? BORAX!

What breaks down and binds graphene oxide and hydroxide? Borax as well as gluthione, etc.

The CDC published an article from a study they did back in 2014 on Colloidal silver, and they stated that it was the annihilator of all cold and flu viruses and many more,

Can’t believe Huffpost actually put out an honest article.

Here’s another:

Many blessings,

Will serving Creation


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