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5 of Zelensky’s inner circle call him NAZI war criminal – they want peace and want him out!!

May 28, 2022

He’s a danger to peace-lovers
in Zelensky’s inner circle

* Zelensky advisor to the people: “Prepare for EVACUATIONS – We have great losses, the situation will get worse!”  
* New developments on Ukraine Front: French military expert explains Ukraine, a story you’ll never hear from the presstitutes, and New York Times abandons its demand for victory over Russia  

Now a matter of record: Peace-loving Ukrainian officials, aware that Zelensky’s a NAZI-fanatic warmonger, and knowing their concerns will be made public, have three times reached out to Billy Meier for his help. The fate of their country, and quite possibly the world, may depend on whether they will act and succeed, knowing that if Zelensky discovers who they are before then, they too may face a harsh fate. -MH

CONTACT REPORT 803, MAY 20, 2022 6:33 A.M.

Billy: There you are waiting, Florena, greetings and welcome. You are early. Actually, I was expecting Ptaah to come, and besides, I was hoping he would be here already on Tuesday. But it is also fine with me if you are here now. Anyway, you fetched the letter I had laid out on the table.

Florena: Greetings also to you, my father-friend. Yes, I am here a little early, and Ptaah cannot come here because he will be absent for the next few days. However, he sends his greetings to you and also ordered that the letter you had put away in your workroom be taken away.

Billy: It was posted back in Germany, after all, although it …

Florena: … yes, but it is really stamped with the seal of …

Billy: … it’s not called a seal, it’s called letterhead.

Florena: Excuse me. – Anyway, the whole thing is genuine, we checked it. The man who wrote the letter is the same as the first time. Also the 4 signatures here from the other persons are genuine, and …

Billy: …Excuse me, but I do not really want anything to do with it, and I will destroy the letter like I did the first one, and that’s what I will do. As for people writing and hoping that I will not mention their names, of course I will abide by that, although it seems strange to me that they would tell me their names, since they must know that this is dangerous for them.

Florena: I suppose that is correct, but you should really consider the trust that is placed in you. The names are those of those persons who are really responsible for the letter and are arranged around this Zelensky and do not agree with his actions. When they write here that they trust you completely and that you are probably the only one who makes the truth as public as it actually is, then a trust and a hope are placed in you that you will also handle it as is expected.

Billy: I understand that, but I do not want to endanger my family, myself, or the FIGU and FIGU members by doing this. It’s just that I don’t want anything to do with it.

Florena: I guess that is understandable, but your advice is also being asked for here, like Zelensky …

Billy: … I know that, because I have read the letter myself, but I can’t comment on that or give advice, because if they want Zelensky out of the government as president, then they have to see for themselves how to do it. I don’t want to give advice on that, and on the other hand, I can’t either, because the whole thing is a political matter, and I don’t interfere in such matters at all.

Florena: It’s not supposed to be done by a …

Billy: … anyway – I already know what is written – because I cannot and will not interfere in their politics. They really have to see for themselves how they can do that, because if they already don’t agree with Zelensky’s warmongering and see him as a willing tool of the US as well as a war criminal, consequently they don’t agree with him as president, then they should also tell him that openly and not ask me what they should do to get rid of him.

Florena: But what they are asking you to do, that is to publish their letter, that …

Billy: … partly I can certainly do that, but really only partly.

Florena: That you are requested and also expected to make public what is mentioned here specifically under these points, what I want to read to you, I guess you can do that?

Billy:If you mean those statements that say a few things about Zelensky’s actions and work, then I will …

Florena:… yes, this is what I have in mind at the moment and I am reading it to you, but what you are really supposed to retrieve and write down. Everything is written down here under letters, ….

Billy :… you are engaging that it seems biased to me; you should be more neutral. It is not good and fair to take sides, even when one side seems to be in the right. Also then it is important to be neutral.

Florena: I guess you are right, but I think of the harm this man is doing with his warmongering and many human beings are being driven to their deaths because of it.

Billy: That is unfortunately the case, and that is not seen by all the various rulers and the bulk of the peoples in those countries who allow themselves to be blinded by Zelensky and his hypocritical speeches and do everything to ensure that he can retain his might, enrich himself and realise what the Americans deceitfully persuade him to do so that they can realise their desires and plans of world domination. Even Sweden and Finland now want to join NATO through the infamous machinations and fear-mongering of the USA, with NATO-friendly, false and mendacious elements of the Swedish and Finnish governments selling out and betraying their own country and driving it into the clutches of the Americans, who in truth have everything in their fingers. But so obviously you also let yourself be deceived and take sides because you see and recognise that the other side is playing a false game. But you must remain neutral, even if ….

Florena: For the first time in my life I have to deal with a war and I don’t know how to act.

Billy: Remain neutral in every respect; you only have to perceive what is happening all around, and you have to look at all that completely neutrally and not form your own opinion about it. And if you now want to read to me what is in the letter, what you think is important, which I already know because I have already read everything, then just stay neutral about it and don’t form your own opinion about it.

Florena: That is easier said than done, I suppose, because never in my life have I done such a thing. But I will follow your advice and try to do everything as you say. So I will mention those remarks which are mentioned here in the letter with the marking of letters – – – here, then, what is mentioned under a):

a) Zelensky does not want peace, for he is a warmonger and wants to continue and perpetuate the war.

b) Zelensky is a NAZI fanatic beyond compare, who is implementing NAZI methods under the command of the USA, as demanded of him, for which he is sacrificing his own people and Ukrainian soldiers.

c) Zelensky, together with the USA leaders, is an immeasurable danger against achieving peace in Ukraine, because he is a warmonger and war criminal who wants to continue the war in order to demonstrate his might and to be seen as a heroic leader.

d) Mainly the politicians in Germany unthinkingly agree with Zelensky’s requests for war aid, thus behaving like the NAZIs in the last century, whereby Germany promotes the war in Ukraine by supplying weapons and indirectly participates in the war and thus wages a war against Russia, which is obviously not recognised by the stupid non-understanding of the state leaders, thus Germany is guilty of indirect warfare in Ukraine.

e) Germany – as well as other states – are using NAZI methods, as well as those methods that were already used in the Middle Ages, when innocent human beings were accused, tortured and executed out of hatred and revenge as enemies of the state and witch pack etc., only this time it is human beings who have a Russian citizenship or a friendship with persons who are of Russian origin. Today, these people are subjected to hatred and revenge, denied the right of privacy and discriminated against in every conceivable way.

f) Oligarchs are deprived of property as a result of hatred and revenge in various states of the world and by the hateful and vindictive state leaders, as well as others are harmed in their privacy who are in friendly relations with those who do not conform to those elements who hold unreal and different as well as biased views.

g) We do not want Zelensky as president any longer, we do not need a war criminal, but give us advice on how to get rid of him, because we do not know and do not want to use the same methods of Gewalt as all those who are obsessed with power. We think differently and want a peaceful solution, please advise and help us.

Here they write, among other things, that they follow everything that is published by the FIGU on the internet and that they know that you are in contact with us and that they see you as a human being with real integrity, which is why they put all their trust in you and hope that you will give them good advice. Here is also the address to send to.

Billy: … this is all well and good, besides I feel honoured, but I really can’t help it and can’t get out of my skin. So that’s what I’m going to write to these people, and the letter …

Florena: … yes, I can do that, and I will do that. But it is also written there that …

Billy: Good, that is unfortunately the case with the human beings of Earth, and apparently Zelensky is no exception, because all his actions and behaviour, which you can watch on TV every day, speak the same language as all the powerful people of the world use. Let me just say the following: money and might have gone hand in hand since time immemorial, and so it is with Zelensky. He, like all other powerful people in the world, have used their wealth for their own personal benefit, but never for the benefit of the people. In doing so, they do not take the truth very seriously, for they lie and cheat through their teeth and completely without conscience. And this is done in every government, in art, culture, politics and in the economy, and so the majority of the peoples also learn and imitate everything of the big government and the rich, consequently crime grows and grows.Everywhere, the power of money and those who possess it is valid, whereby the truth is simply bent according to need, and lies and deceit are spread in such a way that money and wealth make everything possible. In the first place, the religious belief of the rich money hamsters plays the most important role, whereby these God-delusion believers are ultra-conservative and possibly belong to one of the ultra-conservative world religions and believe themselves to be saints and further translated over the people. Under these machinations, under the cover of religion and delusion of God, conflicts and wars are fought, as is currently the case in Ukraine, underhandedly led by the USA, the senile governor Biden and the shadow government, superficially steered by the stupid and power-hungry warmonger Zelensky. All those who openly or secretly support him and the USA with money or weapons to justify the terror are just as delusional and power-hungry as Zelensky himself, and their lies, the all-encompassing fraud and the truth are indistinguishable from each other. Religious delusion becomes a political instrument for good or ill.

For centuries and even for millennia, religious faith has been an unparalleled delusion, but at the same time a point of delusion in the coexistence of human beings, because through lies and deceit it provides the stupid non-thinking people with apparent orientation and illusory hope, but in reality, the religious delusion of God has long since, and indeed thousands of years ago, become an unparalleled political weapon. And this weapon includes might, greed for money and wealth, as well as hatred, revenge and retaliation, as a result of which America now already has 1 million Corona deaths to mourn.

Florena: But now you should write the letter for …

Billy: I will, but first I want to destroy this one …

CONTACT REPORT 804, MAY 21, 2022 3:11 A.M.

Quetzal: Here you come already. Greetings, Eduard, my friend.

Billy: Hello, Quetzal, be welcome and also greetings. Yes, I am here quickly because I have been lying awake. It’s true that I was not waiting for you specifically, because I did not know you were coming here. Also I did not think it would be so soon that any of you would come here.

Quetzal: Since I am free for 3 hours at the moment, I was requested to answer your call, because you don’t call just like that unless something comes up that is urgent for you.

Billy: You are right, because something is really coming up that I am starting to worry about. Look here, this is a new letter that was delivered to me yesterday with the morning mail. It is a continuation of what you have already clarified, namely another letter that comes from … … Ukraine. Apparently, they do not want the letters to be posted in Ukraine, but sent to other persons in other countries and then sent by them to me or FIGU. However, the 3rd letter has now come, addressed to me; that is why I have called you. The first one – whose correctness and authenticity was clarified by you, as well as the identity of the man who wrote it – I then destroyed, because you yourselves wanted that. The second, like the first, was not posted in the Ukraine, but in Germany, and according to the postmark it was sent to me from Berlin. However, it was addressed to the FIGU, but to me. That was at the beginning of the week; I then put the letter on my desk and there it was collected by you. Again you found that the letter was genuine and so was the signature of the man who had written it. Also the additional signatures of the persons who co-signed were genuine. That’s why Florena was also here yesterday morning, which resulted in me writing a short letter to the address given, which Florena then took with her and made sure it got to where it was supposed to go. In it I wrote clearly that I would not interfere in the matter, that I would not be politically active in any way, and that I could also not give any advice on what and how to act with regard to President Zelensky, because I stay completely out of it and want nothing to do with it.

Well, yesterday another letter arrived, this time even registered, and I informed Bernadette about it, who quickly found out that the letter was posted in Austria, close to the border with the Czech Republic, on the 17th of May. And now I want to show you this letter, in which Bruni is also asked to call a telephone number given, because she obviously knew the writer personally and he had been to the centre several times in the past and is therefore obviously also aware of your contact with me. In any case, this is what the letter says, as well as that other persons have joined him, who follow everything on the internet from the FIGU, but cannot speak openly about it. And because they know that I don’t mince my words when it comes to dissemination, they get to me, whereby Bruni is supposed to be the liaison person between … … and me. After all, he can’t know that Bruni has since passed away.

Quetzal: Then let me read this letter …

Billy: Of course, here, this one is.

Quetzal: Aha, it is postmarked 17th May, in S …, Austria. Obviously this is the time, 9:40 hrs. The letter is addressed to you personally, but not to ‘Billy’, but to E. Meier. But let me read now … It is really amazing – –, the trust that is placed in you – – This is really unusual. That these persons give their full names, that is really very – – well, these human beings – – I really don’t know what to say.

Billy: That they trust me like that, I can’t understand that either. Whether maybe Bruni back then … I don’t know. It is just so, – -, amazing, as you say. It’s all so dangerous for them after all, because they’re in … this Zelensky … I really don’t understand that.

Quetzal: Also what these persons write here, it is incomprehensible to me, – – they must really be in severe distress of conscience, otherwise I cannot imagine their actions with this writing. And the trust they are placing in you through this, that is for me more than just a basic certainty of trust, which punishes any doubt from the outset as a null lie.

Billy: I would love to help, but I really can’t. In fact, I would be betraying myself and doing something that would be completely out of line with what I have never done in my lifetime and would also never do.

Quetzal: A personal conversation …

Billy: I suppose that would be correct, but I don’t believe that would be possible.

Quetzal: You always say that human beings should think and see the possibilities that are open to them.

Billy: Yes, but sometimes they are so hidden that you can hardly find them.

Quetzal: Exactly – hardly. Sometimes it just takes a longer time.

Billy: Yes, you’re probably right, but still, there’s nothing I can do to solve the problem these human beings have. They have to effectively think for themselves what they have to do, in a way that is feasible for them. That’s all I can say about it. Perhaps time will come, advice will come, that will prove to be the case for the people. In any case, take the letter and copy it so that I can destroy it afterwards. But I will keep the last writing and yesterday’s in my memory and only let the letter go, nor the ephemeral. It really wouldn’t be good if the letters were preserved.

Quetzal: That really wouldn’t be good. However, as I think …

Billy: I think that will be illusory.

Quetzal: We’ll see. Maybe …

Billy: Of course, the world is full of wonders, after all.

Quetzal: Sometimes …

Billy: Yes, I know …

Quetzal: Then I will go now, for I have things to do. Farewell, my friend.

Billy: Goodbye, Quetzal.

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