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Happening globally, the vaxxed are dropping dead like flies!!

May 31, 2022

Either gov’ts are clueless or they knowingly take part with the KM NWO globalists to kill their own people – a day of reckoning will come!

“Heavily vaccinated Taiwan experiences record Covid-19
Infections, Hospitalizations & Deaths”

* The vaxxed are DROPPING DEAD like flies  

Much like Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea, which are just a few of the heavily vaccinated countries that have been hit extraordinarily hard with the latest Covid-19 surges, Taiwan is also experiencing record numbers of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths.

While Taiwan is 80.3% fully vaccinated, with one of the highest boost rates worldwide at about 65%, an unprecedented number of SARS-CoV-2 infections surge alongside record fatalities. While the mainstream media isn’t allowed to question the efficacy of these vaccines, that questioning can occur at TrialSite.   

Local Taiwanese media such as Focus Taiwan report on the surge and corresponding Covid-19 death rate, which has now exceeded 0.1 percent over the past couple of days. The nation’s health authorities have reported consecutive daily death records despite a near fully immunized population. Health Minister Chen Shih-Chung reports a disturbing situation mirroring other nations in the region. The Taiwanese media reports that Taiwan’s wave will hopefully be less severe than what has occurred in Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. 

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