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The ‘science’ that injures, disables, hospitalises and kills MILLIONS

June 2, 2022

Fake Virus – Fake Test – Fake Cure

The day of reckoning will come a’knocking soon …

* The vaxxed are DROPPING DEAD like flies  
* Healthy young people dying “suddenly & unexpectedly” from “mysterious syndrome”  

Every pharma, health authority, politician, administrator, hospital, doctor, nurse, healthcare provider, care giver, employer, teacher – EVERY ONE – that has perpetrated and being involved in the COVID-19 plandemic and vaccination scam WILL be held to account for every injury, disability, hospitalisation and death.

* The Covid Nuremberg Trial 2.0
in the Court of Public Opinion begins

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  1. Rodolfo permalink

    There is one creator God and one Messiah, Jesus Christ. In John 6:39,40,44, and 54 Jesus said there would be one day, the last day when he raises the dead, raptures the church, and judges everyone. Teachers, cops, newscasters, will all be accountable for their actions and if they caused harm to their fellow man.

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