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Does God exist?

June 3, 2022

A quick answer in 5 words …


Yes, because the devil exists!

(Re-post: First posted on May 23, 2022)

It’s that simple. There IS a direct opposite.

When there is God … there is the devil also, and vice versa.

More examples of ‘direct opposite’: right & wrong – day & night – bright & dark – peace & war – build & destroy – high & low – deep & shallow – real & fake – fresh & rotten – strong & weak – clever & stupid – sane & mad – healthy & sick – rich & poor – love & hate – happy & sad – free & enslaved – male & female – truth & lie – life & death – good & evil …

Now let’s be totally honest. From a logical, moral and spiritual point of view, the good side belongs to God; the evil side belongs to the devil. And since the beginning of time there has been this on-going war between the two sides to bring about a particular reality for mankind, for you and me.

The former is desirous to bring about a world that is filled with peace, abundance and love; the latter is rebelliously bent to bring about a world that is ruined by dissent, scarcity and hate.

And of late the war between the two appears to have reached boiling point.

Whether you are aware or not, the reality we live in and experience daily suggests we are living in a world that is ravaged by evil. Only that, currently, the extent and intensity of the wickedness have shifted into hyper-drive. Largely brought about by one of the most evil groups of people the world has ever known – the Khazarian mafia NWO globalists.

You can see and feel the impact of this first-hand. The hyper-driven evil is manifesting furiously in the forms of the Covid-19 pandemic (soon to be the Monkey Pox pandemic once the WHO Pandemic Treaty is voted in); medical tyranny; vaccination mandates; forced lockdowns; restricted movement; curtailed personal freedom; private properties seizures including one’s children; businesses shuttering left, right and center; jobs vanishing; prices of goods shooting through the roof; food shortages; daily essential utilities disruption and sabotage; economic and financial meltdowns; social unrests; racial upheavals; terrorist attacks; the US and NATO-provoked war against Russia in Ukraine … on and on.

Of the most heinous lackeys of the Khazarian mafia NWO globalists, the World Economic Forum (WEF) sticks out now as the most evil. They don’t hide that fact. They have categorically said it straight to our face, “YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY.” Such blatant, oppressive wickedness laced with a lie!

Frankly, the ones who will be happy are they the devil-worshippers; not we the people once they have successfully and completely enslaved us! Do you not see they can lie to you and smirk at you at the same time?

All together these lying Godless hordes think they can get away with ‘murder’ simply because the entity they worship, who they whole-heartedly believe will help them achieve their evil agendas, is none other than the devil himself. Fondly known in their circle as Lucifer – the enlightened and illuminating one.

It’s a fact they worship this entity and sacrifice souls to him through their numerous contemptible acts which include sexually abusing children, killing them and drinking their blood harvested as Adrenochrome.

Marina Abramovic and Jacob Rothschild

One can certainly see this open worship of the devil almost everywhere one cares to look, and they don’t hide it from us either. It’s right in our face in full public view in opening ceremonies such as at music festivals, arts festivals, films festivals, Olympic Games, Oscar Awards and numerous other banal activities and celebrations.

You would probably have known the devil-worshipping Khazarian mafia NWO globalists have also infiltrated almost every organization on planet Earth and have taken control over them to help them in their satanic schemes. Everywhere they exist they are hell-bent in using them for their mission to destroy!

They have infiltrated and are entrenched in the medical professions, the educational institutions, the financial conglomerates, the legal fraternities, the police academies, the military forces, the big corporations, the world governing overseers, the secret societies which include the Illuminati and Freemason, the NGOs, various religious bodies … right down to the news and entertainment industries.

Yes, these minions of devil-worshippers are ignominiously rich and famous. They live in huge mansions, adorn themselves with glittering jewelries, wear expensive watches, drive exotic cars, own private jets and yachts, take drugs, snort cocaine, engage in every known sexual perversions, and they all appear to live “full and satisfying” lives on planet Earth.

As a matter of fact, all these filthy trappings and a life of abominations are ill-begotten fruits of their unwavering service to their master Lucifer! Which is why, as a testament to him, every now and then they would let slip out of their mouth the saying, “I’ve sold my soul to the devil [for fame and fortune].”

But they are all grossly misled. They know not the truth. They may have sold their souls to the devil but in actuality he does not have ownership of them. He merely takes advantage of and uses their personas to do his biddings which are to steal, rob and kill and at the end of days drag them all along into the fiery, bottomless pit together with him!

All these depraved ‘souls’ are clueless. They have fallen for the greatest lie by the father of all lies. It is GOD YHWH who owns their souls for it is He who had created man and woman, and had created He them male and female. And it will be to Him ultimately that every soul will have to give an account of his or her deeds on earth after he or she dies.

All said, in the midst of the on-going war raging on now between good and evil, be very, very careful WHO you ‘sell’ your soul to. It’s a transaction that bears a pre-destination. Like a product you buy that has attached to it a guarantee.

For the less learned, the final destination of your soul after you die is a pre-destined choice of rest between living in heaven or living in hell. Stop being fooled by the devil and stop lying to yourself – EVERY ONE DIES! It is a matter of time, sooner or later.

The choice you make will therefore be a decision made that has a destiny with eternity. Choose and make that decision wisely.

A life in heaven will be “amazing bliss” for eternity; a life in hell will be “horrendous misery” for eternity.

Just in case you are not fully aware of what eternity means, here it is as plainly put as possible so you may know what you may be in for:


Sober up people.

God, or the devil?

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  1. Rodolfo permalink

    First 1850 years of Christianity was focused on the Kingdom of God, last 170 years Christian church is focused on the Kingdom of Israel. Who were the Tares that changed the interpretation of the biblical narrative? Fix the lies in the church and defeat the enemy with the power of God.

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