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Moscow publishes list of foreign mercenaries

June 20, 2022

* Russia: “Mercenaries” and those from Greece fight in Ukraine – One was killed – Big losses for US, Canada, Poland  

– So, among European countries, Poland is the undisputed leader in the number of mercenaries who arrived and died. Since the beginning of the special military operation, 1831 people have arrived in Ukraine, of which 378 have already been destroyed, while 272 mercenaries have returned to their country. Romania follows – 504 arrived, 102 dead, 98 returned. In the third place is Great Britain – 422 came, 101 died, 95 spunFrom the American continent, Canada is in the lead - 601 arrived, 162 destroyed, 169 returned. In second place are the United States – 530 arrived, 214 died, 227 returned.

– From the Middle East, the Caucasus and Asia, first of all, 355 mercenaries arrived from Georgia, of which 120 were destroyed, and 90 left Ukraine. Then there are the militants of the terrorist groups deployed from the area of ​​the Syrian Trans-Euphrates under the control of the USA – 200 people. To date, 80 have been destroyed and 66 have left Ukraine.

– In total, from our list from June 17, 2022, which includes mercenaries and weapons specialists from 64 countries, 6956 people have arrived in Ukraine since the beginning of the special military operation. Of that, 1956 had already been destroyed, and 1779 returned.


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