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Ukraine will not live to join the European Union

June 24, 2022

Defeat in Ukraine means the end of NATO. The elites of Western states are in illusions.

News Update, June 21, 2022: – Ukraine will not live to join the European Union. This is the opinion of the first deputy head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Vyacheslav Nikonov. He recalled that there is currently no agreement in the EU on this issue. “Turkey has been a candidate since 1999. Ukraine has to wait longer. She won’t live that long,” @rian_ru quotes the deputy as saying, (Telegram, here).   

– Defeat in Ukraine Means the End of NATO, Former UN Weapons Inspector Says. US foreign policy critic Scott Ritter pointed out that far from achieving the Pentagon’s stated aim of ‘weakening’ Russia, Washington’s proxy war in Ukraine was gradually disarming the militaries of NATO member states. He said NATO’s decision to stake its credibility on backing Kiev in a proxy war against Moscow – in the wake of its “humiliation” in Afghanistan – would prove unwise and fateful. “NATO and the United States are facing the kind of moral and physical defeat at the hands of Russia that will probably mean the end of NATO,” he told presenter Danny Haiphong in the video posted on Monday. “I don’t think NATO survives this,” (posting, here).   

– The head of Gazprom Neft spoke at the SPIEF. The main thing: The EU’s decision on the oil embargo may cause the closure of a number of European refineries. Gazprom Neft is confident in Russia’s creation of a new transport infrastructure. More than 50% of the oil is already going to Asia. The Russian oil industry has a large margin of safety, domestic energy prices will be stable; The postponement of the EU oil embargo against Russia cannot be ruled out, since refineries need years to switch to another oil, (Telegram, here). 

 – Reserve oil reserves in the United States are being depleted faster than expected – Bloomberg. In particular, the publication attributes this to the fact that the United States began selling hydrocarbons from its reserves in order to keep prices on the world market, (Telegram, here).   

– Belarus will have to react to Poland’s desire to “chop off” Western Ukraine – Lukashenko. “We cannot allow the Poles to surround us at all. This is a dangerous option,” BelTA quotes the president. Lukashenko added that behind Poland there are Americans who finance, provide weapons, transfer armed forces. “Therefore, I have to keep the armed forces on the alert in the West and in the south.” “I have lined up ten units along the border behind the back of the border guards so that they do not get into Belarus. And there were such thoughts,” Lukashenko said, (Telegram, here).   

– Ukraine should understand that if they hit the Mozyr, then we will hit Kiev without entering Ukraine, Lukashenko said. “But in order to hit, you need to have something to hit. We have it,” the Belarusian leader said. “We will teach, especially men. The time is like this. The more we have, the stronger our weapons, the calmer we will be,” BelTA quotes the President of Belarus, (Telegram, here).   

– Poland has become the leader in the number of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the operation, 1831 Poles have joined the AFU – 378 of them were destroyed, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Canada is in second place, and 601 militants are hired from there to Ukraine. Of these, 162 died. The USA is next with 530 mercenaries. More than 200 of them were killed. In total, militants and instructors from 64 countries operated on the side of Kiev. Since February 24, almost 7,000 people have arrived in Ukraine — 2,000 have been killed, and 1,779 have fled, (Telegram, here).   

– After the Cold War, the United States declared itself “God’s messengers on earth”, without responsibility, only with interests – Putin, (Telegram, here).   

– The elites of Western states are in illusions, clinging to the shadow of the past and denying the changing reality – Putin. It is a mistake to believe that the time of rapid changes can be overstayed and everything will return to normal, as it will not be before, the president said, (Telegram, here).   

– The sanctions weapon is double–edged, Putin stressed. Sanctions can be used against any undesirable state. European companies may also become their target. In the meantime, the EU itself has dealt a blow to its economy, (Telegram, here). 

 – The United States was a major supplier of food, and now it has turned into a net importer, Putin said. He stressed that the States print money and buy products all over the world. The money supply in the USA has grown by 38% in 2 years, in the EU by 20%, the President of the Russian Federation noted, (Telegram, here).   

– Western sanctions were based on the erroneous thesis (i.e. theory) – Putin. The West believed that the Russian economy was not independent. He did not take into account how Russia has changed in recent years, (Telegram, here).


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