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Countless are ‘dropping dead’ across the planet, many in public, but you’re not supposed to believe your eyes

June 30, 2022

* Survey: More than 750,000 DEAD, 5 million UNABLE to work, 30 million INJURED because of Covid vaxx  
* The Latest Tragedy: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)  

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41,834 DEAD, 3.9 million INJURED following Covid vaccines in European database as U.S. military deaths soar 1100%

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TOO MUCH TO IGNORE: Covid vaccines cause 16,633% more MISCARRIAGES compared to flu vaccines

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1000% increase in Vaccine DEATHS and INJURIES following Pfizer Covid-19 EUA vaccine for 5 to 11 year olds

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A jaw-dropping 769 athletes have COLLAPSED while competing over the past year – “average age of players suffering Cardiac Arrest is JUST 23”

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FDA & CDC study finds Covid-19 vaccination increases children’s risk of suffering MYOCARDITIS by over 13,000%

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