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The vaxxed are ‘The Walking Dead’

July 7, 2022

There are many videos out there on the various platforms that are showing funeral directors, embalmer’s, doctors and nurses, all stating or in fact showing these incredibly elongated Blood-Clots, that when rinsed off, appear to be white and rubbery.

I have seen several videos where doctors and scientists in labs are showing these vaccines contain living Hydras (single-cell creatures that live forever). They have put the Hydras in embalming fluid containers and they continue to grow. They have put them in blenders to destroy them and they seem to simply just put themselves back together and continue to grow.

My theory is that it will take anywhere from 24 to 36 month for these Hydras to totally fill the vaxxed person’s body cavities with its mass, and at some point it will force the now deceased body to get up and walk and roam about until the body disintegrates totally. Then I see these Hydras actually shedding their rotted human body-suits and continuing to roam about, until they simply just dry-out or find a new host.

Worldwide Exclusive: Embalmers find veins & arteries filled with never before seen rubbery clots

“This is not normal” – Embalmer Richard Hirschman releases footage of unbelievable blood clots



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