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A letter from a middle-age American who wishes it reaches the hands of President Putin

July 17, 2022

* Letter in pdf
* “All hell will break loose” warning issued as Ukraine drags West to apocalypse  

15 July 2022

Dear President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and others there upon your nation who see this first, as it flows through email to you.

Please know, a small and growing number of Americans (over here) are increasingly aware that “special de-nazification efforts” are needed world-wide to stop the evil-doers, pedophiles, bio weapons producers and associated terrorists, where their demise is regrettably the only solution aside from their ultimate repentance, should they choose repentance.

We cannot use the words “war” or “invasion” to describe these necessary cleansing events. Instead, a flushing down the toilet is more suitable! The wrath of God shall prevail!

Western media completely water down your goals. They can barely parrot the phrase “special military operation” when it is truly bad people who are going to be and need to be brought to justice the hard way, finally! What you are doing makes very much sense to all of us who know where to start in joining with you physically if we could, but in prayer with most of us.

Given the proven nature of the KM name-stealers, child sniffers, etc. and their efforts to undermine world peace and prosperity for the masses, they continue to steal from everyone in 99.9% of our planetary population. Criminals don’t want to pay back what has been stolen, so they devise biological means to cause mass die-offs as they seek to kill by any means possible – both fast or slow.

We therefore recognize the fact that certain ground and air movements are now actively required to root them out at or near their place of origin, such as what began with your work in February, 2022. Our masses, true Americans, may never get enough information in the West to fully define what you are doing to help. We’re therefore misled and too often not on board with the eradication.

We wish that you and others didn’t have to pay so dearly for starting your clear set of goals. We are hopeful the trash can be flushed out.

Sadly we see more ramp-ups that the sickening military-industrial complex seeks – to keep lining their pockets with worthless I.O.Us (paper not backed). People of Earth will be repaying over generations of taxation and inflation to cover such debt and rebuilding European private properties destroyed as deep crimes are brought to an end. Some small number of people here can’t keep giving trillions to keep this insanity going (attempts to block you) and creating so much re-work for you as, whoever it is, seeks to insulate and protect itself at our expense.

It did not have to come to this at the outset according to everyone I know in the West. Yes, taking up powerful arms are going to be necessary because the name-stealers also have gotten their hands on powerful armaments. We’re saddened and dismayed to know they are American hardware and space assets used against anyone who seeks to stop these criminals. I wanted American assets used for good and righteous deeds for helping suffering people and to build economies and heal the sick and properly harness earth’s energy.

I am a middle-aged common man who has seen the pieces come into focus by my own exhaustive research. Our educational institutions only teach fraud-laced U.S. history and fail to teach true American history – and they teach no true world history the past 70 years. We wanted to know more about your people and culture instead of hiding under our desks in fake fear in those elementary grade school years as young children. Why are we not taught true Russian history? Public education in America has pretty much all been promoting corrupt-teaching over two to three generations now.

We Americans have been stolen from over many generations. We are in double and triple jeopardy because of what is being done in and with our good names that are stolen (and incorporated or franchised into commerce) behind our backs. When we rise up to stop corruption, we get shut down by our own people in uniform, ordered to put us down. (Jan 6 riot for example) (Trump stolen election for example) (I am not a political party supporter anymore for example) (Democracy is not what America was started as!) (Godlessness is not what Russia is about either, I don’t buy the lies over here) (I see hardly a point to vote in this mess when the voting is rigged)

As you are well aware, an ancient 8th century King Bulan of the Khazars had adopted a form of Judaism on a part of eastern Europe – that geographic area comes into the Western media all day and night lately; mostly biased and misleading reports are bought and paid for by shadowy figures drunken by their Democracy. Our colonialist warmongers refuse to acknowledge the problem because they are part of the problem. The wrong deity (STATE) is worshiped. That mafia of people (Brits, KM & fake Jews, and list above) are at the base of the heap. We should all go get them together!

However, worse, such Khazar/Nazi bloodline has infiltrated all over the global business and finance arenas spanning decades. Our armed forces had stood down and failed to do its duty at going after these destructive globalist players both foreign and domestic. Now “the” United States runs bankrupt; runs on empty; so-called leaders are getting old and our so-called leaders are operating without a contract; as I am sure you know. American military hegemony can fade away, in my opinion, because we are no better than anyone else. People are created equal in the eyes of God. But look how the KM has diminished us to.

We also know that the entire world population can stand arms-length apart to barely fill a 130 square kilometer location. Hardly an over-population. Gross mismanagement of the people’s wealth won’t end until rotten people are taken out of office and evil corporation charters get revoked and those assets liquidated and returned to the people.

We also know that carbon and nitrogen in the atmosphere help to keep earth green and growing. We also know electric vehicles are a terrible alternative to high-mileage clean fuel carburetors and abiotic oil. We know the EV batteries create devastating fires; too immediate to escape for some victims. We need to stop the high-altitude aerosol spraying operations too as earth does not need aluminum, barium, graphene oxide and poisonous particles dropped everywhere to cause drought and eventual famine.

We are sad to see politicians and corporations being so misguided by the globalists who are proving their greed and proving that we can continue to grow our confidence in your ability to accomplish this cleanup that is long overdue – cleansing which had not been taken care of before you stepped in this year. None of us (little people) wanted big booms over your efforts. We don’t speak for charlatans and wicked players here. Some Americans would not mind if booms go off inside the house of Rothschild, and false royalties who’ve been proven to steal from the 99.9%.

Our D.C. people are also not preventing egregious abuses of power from being turned inward against We Americans. We get mischaracterized and misled into filling out the wrong government paperwork (I9’s W4’s, 1040’s, 1099’s, etc.) to work at our private industry careers as Americans – only because a company “might” sell a government contract? We get labeled as Municipal Citizens of the United States and Territorial U.S. Citizens deemed domestic persons (residents) (things identified) by similar name-stealing that has gone on for centuries and sanctioned via high Roman church affiliation that few of us ever agreed with deeply after being fully informed. We have over 185,000 corrupt government franchises beating down on us with fees, etc. here at home, as a de-facto government franchise.

Instead, what our “principal resident” is doing, it seems to be doing just for itself and its writers as evidenced by what it says and signs without providing us full disclosure of its true nature. We see the effects of dementia and screen acting. We’re trapped and at the dawn of a revolution spoken of by the late Henry Ford: “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

We thank you for all the years that your people have looked out for us. We know you know the ruthless Brits (actually Fake Brits) are real “pieces of junk” who loved to see the world beaten up by its dark evil sins, while it hid Nazis in plain sight. You will find them at the bottom of every dog-pile.

We also have gotten to know many nice people from your lands who have traveled here to America. I would be interested in coming over there to visit and serve, but I am stuck here in poor health due to corrupted western allopathic medicine.

I watched a video today. Very nice information.


i8, Heartset Punker, a nobody thus far
a peace-loving concerned American,
on the land and soil jurisdiction,
not a resident of the District,
not a Federal stand-in here


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