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Charles Darwin a LIAR – Evolution a LIE

July 17, 2022

Rock layers and fossils prove a worldwide flood – What God tells us about Creation & Flood in the Bible absolute TRUTH

The Process of Evolution in its simplest form

  1. Billions of years ago, all of a sudden and out of nothing, a ‘big bang’ occurred and matter exploded into existence.
  2. Then after millions of years of rainfall, seas formed.
  3. Particles of matter mixed with sea water became ‘chemical soups.’
  4. Chemical reactions took place and eventually single-cell organisms called amoebas formed in the soups.
  5. After more millions of years, the amoebas gradually transformed themselves into a species of sea creatures which continued on to transform themselves into a species of fishes.
  6. After more millions of years, the fishes then transformed themselves into another species of sea creatures and so on until it became a species of dolphins.
  7. After more millions of years, the dolphins then transformed themselves and became a species of apes which mysteriously began to survive on dry land.
  8. After more millions of years, the apes then transformed themselves and became a species of homo sapiens which walked upright.
  9.  Evolution apparently finally ended up with a species of humans which consist of males and females and are called men and women, respectively.


  1. Can something come into existence from ‘nothing’?
  2. Is ‘billions and billions of years ago’ more convincing in presenting a theory than ‘once upon a time’?
  3. How were the seas formed? What were ‘holding’ the water?
  4. How did dry land come about?
  5. What caused the chemical reactions to take place to form ‘soups’?
  6. How did the sea creatures come to walk on dry land?
  7. How did the multitude of other different species of creatures come about e.g. creatures that wriggle underground, creatures that creep on ground, creatures that roam on land and creatures that fly in the air?
  8. How did within the different species of creatures, male and female versions come about?
  9. How did the multitude of species of flora and fauna and fruit trees come about?
  10. How did the stars, sun, moon and the various planets come about?
  11. If all creatures evolve, why are there e.g. amoebas, dolphins and apes still abound?
  12. Does evolution has finality and come to an end at homo sapiens?
  13. Does this mean all other species of creatures will become extinct one day, and only homo sapiens will remain?
  14. If evolution is a continuing process, what is the species of homo sapiens going to evolve into? And after that, what will be the next species to come about?

The Stupidity of Evolution

  1. The ‘Theory of Evolution [by Means of Natural Selection]’ raises more questions (above are only some) than it can provide answers.
  2. After ‘billions and billions of years,’ (although the theory was initially expounded in 1859 by one Charles Darwin) the theory remains a theory today – for no ‘scientist’ up to this moment is intelligent enough to PROVE it true to turn it into fact.
  3. If evolution is true, evolution MUST continue on till infinity. It is ridiculous for the process to stop.
  4. After billions and billions of years, at this point in time it is a known fact cockroaches are the longest surviving species of creatures on Earth. It is therefore logical and correct to conclude that the evolution of ALL species of creatures will one day transform themselves into a common species of cockroaches.
  5. But then, from what, where and how did the cockroaches come into existence?
  6. Why are there still many people who seriously believe what some stupid ‘scientists’ tell them about Evolution?

Why there are people aggressively promoting
the Fake ‘Science’ of Evolution

  1. They are liars, and are paid to lie.
  2. When they have convinced you that you evolved from an ape, then they have also convinced you that God did not create you. That God does not exist.
  3. They will then become ‘god’ in your life.
  4. They decide for you what is right and what is wrong; what is good and what is evil.
  5. Above all, they have stripped you of your status of a ‘man’ and enforced upon you the status of a ‘person.’
    (A man is created by God and God is his owner. A person, with your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, is created by a government, which is a man-created corporation, and it owns you.)
  6. They have fooled you to surrender your God-given rights which are inherent, immutable and inalienable.
  7. They have robbed you of your right to invoke common law (or natural law which is God’s law) in a court case and enforced on you their statutes law which is legalese written in codes.
    (In a common law court you can invoke common law yourself and defend yourself as a ‘living, breathing man.’ In a statues law court you are considered a ‘dead man’ and you are not allowed to speak and must have a lawyer to do it on your behalf, who will also decode the legalese for you.)

The consequences of being Brain-Washed
into believing Evolution is true

  1. That there is no God your Creator does not exist.
  2. That there are more than two genders of male and female.
  3. That you, even as a child, can decide to choose your gender and become a transgender.
  4. That you have no clue what a woman or man is.
  5. That a man can get pregnant.
  6. That a woman can impregnate.
  7. That there is no real science.
  8. That you can make up any nonsense and it will be okay.
  9. That you are stupid you have no intelligence, logic and common sense.

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