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An IDIOT’S GUIDE to “What is a woman?”

July 22, 2022

* Norwegian feminist faces 3 years in prison for saying men can’t get pregnant (vid)  
* The Transgender Epidemic that is spreading across young women (vid)  

Lately, especially in America and most countries in the West, there are much uncertainty about the question and most people born and living there are so confused that they do not know the answer and are totally lost.

This is my contribution to help them, and others who are just as confused and lost, to know what a woman is, which will also help them to identify correctly who their mother, sister, aunt, niece, grandaunt and grandmother are.

Usually the best way to tell ‘what a woman is’ is by a simple ‘show and tell.’ Since this physical exhibition is generally considered as an inconvenience, here are the intelligent, alternative ways to know – with absolute surety – what a woman is:

  1. A woman is a female gender of human kind, and the pronouns used to refer to it are “she,” “her” and “herself.”
  2. A woman has a vagina, and two breasts commonly referred to as “boobs.”
  3. A woman has an uterus and fallopian tubes and she produces ovaries when she comes of age. One of her ovaries will form into a foetus and finally a baby after a male gender of human kind has fertilised it.
  4. A woman gets pregnant.
  5. A woman who is not pregnant will menstruate every month in cycles of about 28 days apart i.e. she will discharge waste blood (have a period) through her vagina after about every 28 days.
  6. A woman is a female gender of human kind who gets penetrated by a male gender of human kind during copulation for the purpose of “making babies” to build a family.

What is a man?

Are you that far-gone stupid for me to tell you that?!! (Anyway, get naked and see whether you have a penis and scrotum.)

What is a transgender?

Any person from the male and female gender of the human kind who is possessed by demons and afflicted with mental illness. (Note: Only a priest of the clan of Jesus Christ – not a psychologist or a psychiatrist – can exorcise the demons and cure the mental illness afflicting the confused and lost human kind.)

These two in America are prime examples of demon-possessed human kind who require exorcism to cure them of their mental illness.
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