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Any claim of history or discovery that’s older than 7,500 years old is BULLSHIT

July 27, 2022

* Chronology of Key Biblical & World Events to help mark milestones of world / human history  

Planet Earth was created in 5554 BC. The Global Flood occurred in 3298 BC and only four couples (Noah and wife and their three sons and their wives) – 8 people of whom 3 couples were productive – were left to re-populate earth. The Tower of Babel was destroyed in 2850 BC and it resulted in the INSTANT emergence of new spoken languages, and consequently, new clans and new nations.

Amazingly, the latter two date-stamps provide us with the answer to the question why, till today, there is ABSOLUTELY NO DISCOVERY of any written text that is older than 2,550 BC. Our history thus far only has evidence of the oldest written text being about 4,500 years old – and it is the Chinese written text.

Everyone on earth today can trace his/her ancestry back to one of the patriarchs of about 70 people above, through DNA analysis.
The various genealogies recorded in the Bible may be overwhelmingly boring to study but they were written down for a purpose. To prove the people listed in them did exist and that the nations they founded were named after themselves. Some of the names of these nations still exist on our maps today.

This is the kind of bullshit we’ll come across every now and then:

* 560 million-year-old fossil of primitive jellyfish unearthed in Leicester named after Sir David Attenborough was first animal predator on Earth

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