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The war for planet earth will lead to a new Cambrian explosion

August 2, 2022

[Benjamin Fulford is clearly writing nonsense in this post. He ‘talks’ like a New-Ager!!]

Benjamin Fulford Report, August 1, 2022

Sometimes it is important to step back from the day to day struggle for the planet earth and look at the big picture. Here the evidence is clear. The planet earth is headed for some sort of Cambrian explosion type event and dark forces are trying to prevent this from happening. In other words, we are dealing with something far more important than just a 21st century political struggle.

To understand what is at stake, let us look again at the Cambrian explosion. For about 3.5 billion years [Fulford is clueless about the age of Earth], life on earth was microscopic in scale. What we would have been able to see with the naked eye would have been brown scum or maybe mats of algae. Then suddenly, about 530 million years ago, macro-life exploded into being [it appears Fulford believes he evolved from apes]. The oceans were filled with a dazzling variety of life forms that were trillions of times larger than anything that existed before. It was the evolutionary equivalent of a big bang [confirmed, Fulford is just another shill].

We are now facing a similar type of evolutionary big bang. The reason is that humans have learned how to control and channel the life force. We now have the technology to use the basic genetic building blocks of life to create new forms of life. We are also close to attaining immortality and super powers.

For example, we can now take an ordinary chicken and turn it into a T Rex like creature weighing many tons with just a few genetic tweaks. Whether or not we want to create hunting reserves filled with mutant T rex chickens is another question; the point is we now have the power to do such things.

We can also alter our own genes so that we could have the strength of an ant, the eyes of an eagle, radar like bats, sonar like dolphins, electro-senses from eels etc. We can also become virtually immortal. So, we could all become immortal super-beings. This is not science fiction, it is now actually possible. This means we need an open debate on what to do about this new found god like power that we have. At the very least, I believe most of us would rather live a lot longer than we do now. 

The standard argument that we hear against immortality is that “the planet would become overcrowded. That is a lie. First of all, at present, if we gave each person a Chinese style subsistence farm, we could fit the entire population of the earth in the State of Texas. Also, with energy technology that has been suppressed, we could create entire new eco-systems in the deserts, the frozen wastelands and underground. We do not even have to invoke “free energy.” This can be done with hydrogen taken from water using solar power, for example. This means we could support many times more people –living in harmony with nature- than we have now, even if we are prevented from colonizing space

However, something, or someone, is trying to prevent this from happening. When we look at what has happened to us, especially in the West, over the past two years, we can see that a powerful group has been trying to alter our genes with vaccines designed to turn us into domesticated animals. As Henry Kissinger once famously boasted: “In the future it will be as impossible for the ordinary people to rebel against us as it is for a sheep to rebel against a farmer.” We are fighting against a tribal group that wants to monopolize the ability to become superhuman. They want the rest of us to have short, ignorant lives of inescapable and permanent slavery.

In other words, humanity is at a cross roads. Either we….

CONTINUE (full report)

Note: From now on, this blog will no longer post Benjamin Fulford’s weekly report.

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  1. Rodolfo permalink

    Mathew 13…Jesus spoke on parables because the Old Testament is laced with parabolic language. Hosea 12:10 I have spoken through the prophets in similitudes” says the king James, similitudes are parables. Moses creation account in Genesis 1 lists parabolic days which are ages and or epochs. The man created in the image and likeness of God on the sixth day is Jesus Christ when God raised him from the dead. We are descendants from the Adam in the garden Genesis chapter 2 that was created on the 3rd day. Read 1 Corinthians 15 where Paul understood that there were 2 Adams. Phillipians 2 say Jesus emptied himself of his Deity and took the form of a man. Why would that be in there?

    It is clownish to think that God created the earth in 6 days of 24 hours. It is clownish to listen to pastors prattle on about the literal interpretation of the Bible. The Bible was written as a narrative with lots of parabolic language, lots of poetry and both Daniel and Revelation having a strong dose of apocalyptic language. Further research can be had from an excellent website… cheers

    • Rodolfo,

      My advice to you is go study the chronology & genealogy furnished in the Bible (i have published a document highlighting them). The various genealogies especially were excruciating to record as well as painfully-boring to go through, but, they were written down for a purpose — for people like you. God made man in his image, but, man, in his wild imagining, want to make God in his image and that’s what you are doing. You doubt YHWH’s omnipotence and sensibility?

      Assuming you are making sense, please explain the existence of and the miraculous discovery of the Ark of the Covenant. To me this find is God’s Best-Kept Secret and it is His TESTIMONY to mankind who He says He is and what His plan is. A wake-up call to all doubters and scoffers!

      This discovery alone should make nonsense of your statement: “The Bible was written as a narrative with lots of parabolic language, lots of poetry and both Daniel and Revelation having a strong dose of apocalyptic language.”

      You read your Bible without understanding.

  2. Rodolfo permalink

    You didn’t address the issue of the two Adams. You ignore the issue of why Jesus spoke in parables, and why Hosea 12:10 declares that God spoke through his prophets in parables. The greatest prophet of the Old Testament was Moses. Read Genesis 31 and 32, it is laced with parabolic images as is Isaiah. I don’t believe I am doing the Bible any injustice. I would admit that the genealogies mean something for sure. Doubting the creation in 6 literal days is not a sin. Believing lies that Tares planted in the church is faith in a God that does not exist which is what the House if Israel did. God cut them off in 722 bc for unbelief. God cut of the House of Judah during the ministry of Christ, and in 70 AD he eviiscerated the temple, the Jews, and Jerusalem fulfilling what Moses said in Deuteronomy 28.
    The first 1850 years of the church had a narrative. The last 170 years have a much different narrative. Why is that? Could it be that people fill their vessels (soul) with so many lies that there is little room for the spirit of God? Thanks for the dialogue.

    • Rodolfo,

      i can say the same, too, about you not addressing the Ark of the Covenant … which is ultimately significant in understanding the Word of God and the narrative contained therein in the Bible. As you correctly pointed out: why there is a second Adam – (and as for me) why he came to earth 2,000 years ago. The CRUX here is the way to redemption and atonement of sin so all children of the Creator can go home to Him and be with Him at the end of days

      The Bible is an amazing book. THERE IS NONE LIKE IT ON PLANET EARTH. It is a history book. It is a geography book. It is a philosophy book. It is a poetry book. It is a miracles book. It is an intellectual book. It is an ethics book. It is a love story book. It is a marriage guide book. It is a code book. It is a law book. It is an economics book. It is a science book. It is a prophecy book. It is a prayer book. It is a spiritual book … on and on. One can approach it from any ‘angle’ or one can think of a subject and search through the 66 books for answers and one WILL FIND them. Don’t waste time and energy ‘intellectualizing’ Scriptures – and be unprofitable like New-Agers do with their mumbo-jumbos.

      My whole point to you in my reply, and to everyone who is reading this, is that the Bible (mostly a book about ‘patterns’ or ‘history repeating itself’) tells us about our past, our present and our future – and the way to SALVATION. The answer lies in the Gospel of Jesus Christ recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It shows us the way to get right with our Creator, and the rest of the 62 books provide crucial ‘support evidence.’

      The fact the Ark of the Covenant exists and is found tells us our Creator God exists and what He tells us in His book matter. Obviously, as did Adam & Eve had done, one still has a choice to believe Him or believe the devil. Whether one chooses to end up going home to heaven or end up in hell burning in brimstones FOREVER is all up to oneself. CHOOSE WISELY!

      Rodolfo, preach the Gospel. Bring the good news to every creature on earth. Debating about silly inconsequential things does not save souls. It remains, the harvest is plenty; workers few.

      With love, brother.

      • Rodolfo permalink

        Read the 28th chapter of Isaiah. Jesus referenced it in the 7th chapter of Matthew when he parabolically talked about building your house on a rock instead of sand. He is talking about the truths of the Word of God that he is instead of the lies that the ancient Hebrews hid themselves in. The flood that Isaiah spoke about is the same flood that the current Christian community has laced itself with which is false doctrines. It isn’t new age to realize that before 1850 nobody believed in a pre trib rapture, the 69th week of Daniel 9:24-27 being separate from the 70th, once saved always saved, and certainly that the Jews in 2022 are Gods chosen people. There are zero commentaries on these delusions from Calvin, Wesley, Tyndall, Luther.

        Dispensationalism is Christianity seen through the lens of Liars from the Devil himself. There is no room for the spirit of God in a person that believes lies about the word of God. If they believe in Christ as Messiah they will be saved, but what we need today is pure unfiltered truth to push back against the children of Satan that have infested our culture to the point that public schools are now grooming children in schools towards pedophilia and transgenderism.

        The Ark may be of relevance, but the in dwelling of the spirit of God that Jesus is, is not a feeling, it is a knowing that you are in communion with God by properly discerning the truth of the scriptures like the Berians in Acts 17. Take care.

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