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China poised to seize Daimler Benz, Deutsche Bank as German 4th Reich collapses

Benjamin Fulford Report, April 22, 2019

Germany and its EU 4th Reich regime are under siege and facing collapse due to a massive debt load and popular resistance in occupied states like France and Italy.  As a result, Germany may be forced to sell its crown jewels—the Daimler Benz Corporation and Deutsche Bank—to the Chinese, according to Japanese military intelligence and other sources.

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Khazanah closes London office

* Malaysian sovereign wealth fund Khazanah shuts London HQ  

PETALING JAYA: A US$33bil Malaysian sovereign wealth fund has shut down its London office to focus on investments in Asia in the wake of an investment scandal that implicated the country’s former prime minister, says UK-based The Sunday Times.

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Game over …

NYT: The tables have turned – Time to investigate the FBI, Steele and the rest of the ‘witch hunters’

* Evidence shows Obama Deep State may have unmasked Trump business associates as early as the Spring of 2015!
* If he is allowed to testify, big names are going to prison for life  

As we now shift from the “witch hunt” against Trump to ‘investigating the investigators’ who spied on him – remember this; Donald Trump was supposed to lose the 2016 election by almost all accounts. And had Hillary won, as expected, none of this would have seen the light of day.

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Shocking video shows parked Tesla spontaneously exploding in Chinese garage

Karma can be quite the funny thing.

About 24 hours ahead of Tesla’s coming “Investor Day” and just moments after we broke the news that Tesla had been granted a restraining order on a short seller who has been critical of the company on Twitter, stunning video has surfaced of a Tesla catching fire and exploding, while parked.

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Najib’s money trail established

His lawyer Shafee now hopes the judge will be too stupid to realize Najib is faking his stupidity

* So, who received cheques from Najib’s AmIslamic accounts?
Umno leader identifies Najib in court with ‘Malu apa bossku’
* Umno leader: RM50,000 cheque from Najib kept off the books  

For years, Najib administration had been rubbishing the Wall Street Journal’s exposure of money laundering in the 1MDB scandal. The former prime minister had also played down the role of his partner-in-crime, Jho Low (full name: Low Taek Jho), in plundering billions from the 1Malaysia Development Berhad sovereign wealth fund.

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Show up for July 19 appeal hearing or risk forfeiting frozen RM48m, Jho Low’s dad told

Judge Mohamed Zaini Mazlan fixed the date for hearing for the parties to appear in person to show cause why the properties should not be forfeited to the government. — Picture via Facebook

KUALA LUMPUR, April 19 — The High Court here today fixed July 19 for third parties who wish to contest the forfeiture of monies worth over RM48 million seized from seven bank accounts belonging to Tan Sri Larry Low Hock Peng, the father of fugitive businessman Jho Low, to appear before the court.

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Half of England is owned by 1% of the population

Research by author reveals corporations and aristocrats are the biggest landowners


Half of England is owned by less than 1% of its population, according to new data shared with the Guardian that seeks to penetrate the secrecy that has traditionally surrounded land ownership.

The findings, described as “astonishingly unequal”, suggest that about 25,000 landowners – typically members of the aristocracy and corporations – have control of half of the country.

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The real ‘Bible version’ issue exposed

Which Bible will you choose?

* Authorized Version Publications
* How to tell you have a Counterfeit KJV Bible  

King James Video Ministries (former)  ;  King James Video Ministries (new)  ;  King James Video Ministries YouTube

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ARK FILES: It’s all about the Ark of the Covenant

“There are many theories related to the Ark of the Covenant but not all are based on the Bible. We’re looking into Bible history and the meaning of the ark by first understanding why it was made.” – Rebecca Tourniaire



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Jesus Christ is risen

O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. – 1 Corinthians 15:55-57

“… because I live, ye shall live also.”

– John 14:19

Happy Easter Sunday

* The resurrection uncovered
* Did Jesus really rise from the dead?
* Is there evidence for the resurrection?
* 4 historical facts prove Jesus did rise from the dead

* The coming Prince
* Why do we call it Good Friday?
* The Love of God > Prayer of Salvation

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