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Turkey suffering live full-scale economic collapse

Lira falls to $7.20 – Capital controls begin

* Global Stocks Tumble Amid Growing Contagion From Turkish Crisis
* Turkish lira pulls back from record low, markets rattled
* Turkish lira crashes through 7 as Erdogan threatens to unleash “Plan B or C …”
* Turkey rolls out prison threats after Central Bank steps in to halt lira crash, fails  

Long-story short: Turkey had two choices:

A) Release the American Pastor they’ve been holding in prison since the Obama years as leverage after being refused the Extradition of a guy named Gullen from Pennsylvania, OR;

B) Destroy their entire economy.

Turkey chose “B.”

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Abu Kassim reveals the real story behind Rosmah Mansor’s ring

* Ex-MACC boss: Customs officers ‘retaliated’ against Najib, sparked ‘diamond ring’ saga
* MACC to quiz Najib again, this time over ‘stolen’ RM3.5m

Abu Kassim Mohamed reveals that the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia) FIXED UP Najib Razak on the allegation regarding the US$24.4 million ‘Natural Fancy Blue Gray Cushion Cut Diamond Ring’ because the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was investigating corruption allegations involving its officers and the Customs Union had appealed to Najib for the investigation to be called off but Abu Kassim advised Najib not to get involved in the matter.

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Former Education Secretary admits US students are failing

We’re not Top 10 in anything … our public education system “runs on lies”


Typically, when Americans hear someone say that the education system in the United States “runs on lies,” they would expect the statement to come from a disgruntled parent or student — but now it is coming from the former Secretary of Education, as he admits that the U.S. lies to families on a daily basis by promising them a quality education through public schools.

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VP Mike Pence speech on SPACE FORCE setup – Pentagon Aug 9, 2018

A walking tour through the Old City of Jerusalem

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Reason why the Book Of Enoch was removed from the Scriptures

* Book Of Enoch pdf
* The Book of Enoch Complete 2018 audio  

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Najib to face ‘open investigation’ into missing GST billions

Guan Eng: Irwan rushes to say the money not ‘robbed’ but kept in the govt’s ‘consolidated fund’ – a massive account where it would take a long time to verify & reconcile

* Missing GST funds: KJ lodges report to clear BN’s name
* PAC says to probe missing billions in GST refunds
* They went to top schools and we got 1MDB
* Customs says requested RM82.9b for GST refunds, but fund still short by RM19.4b  

PUTRAJAYA- Former Treasury secretary-general Tan Sri Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah today denied an allegation that about RM18 billion meant for Goods and Services Tax (GST) refunds had gone missing.He explained that all GST proceeds were placed in the Consolidated Fund before being channelled to the trust fund to repay GST claims based on the request of the Royal Customs Department.

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Facebook- you are toast now

These social tech giants think their shit does not stink. Well, this an email I sent to my relatives yesterday. This will be spread far and wide. MY prediction is that Facebook will be done for by this time next year and Openbook will destroy them. Facebook became too greedy and saw easy money and was willing to sell out to become a data mining operation rather than a social network. Read my letter and you will understand below:

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Najib staring at 125 years in jail … if found guilty of 7 charges

Disgraced ex-PM pleads not guilty to additional 3 charges filed against him for money-laundering

* ‘Money laundering’ adds to Najib’s legal woes – total seven charges
A target bigger than just Tim Leissner: After internal ‘tug of war’, U.S. prosecutors to probe Goldman Sachs over Najib-led 1MDB shenanigans  

FORMER prime minister Najib Razak now faces three new charges of money laundering in relation to a former subsidiary of 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

Najib was charged today at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court under Section 4(1) the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001.

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The War to Destroy Alex Jones, Part One

He “employed hate speech and violated community standards” [so they say]

* Left-wing social media giants collectively ban Alex Jones as they collude with establishment media to shut down anyone who disagrees
* Banned by YouTube and Facebook, InfoWars videos are now available on  

Rivers of elite revenge are flowing


THEY are out to get him and drive him into oblivion.He, and his huge website, Infowars, stand as a threat to the empire they are building, where free speech is a thing of the past and only correct speech that supports THEIR objectives is permitted.

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