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I was having a discussion with Dr. Robert Young on reactions and he said to me: “The blood doesn’t lie …”

* Horrific findings in the blood of the vaccinated

Dr. Betty Martini, founder of Mission Possible, sent this out to her distribution list

We seem to be living in a world that is upside down where right is wrong and wrong is right. We are shocked when we hear and see good people prosecuted and bad people appear getting away with lying, stealing and even murder.

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Crisis Wake-Up Call

UK funeral director exposes the Covid scam it’s the vaxx that kills, not the non-existing virus!

The interview at the link below is a MUST LISTEN, it concurs with our OWN research that there is an MASSIVE GLOBAL AGENDA – a CULL!

The interviewee is completely on track in stating that there is NO virus, it’s all FALSE to get the sheeple vaccinated and therefore kill people off.


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“Covid-19 does not exist!”

Dr. Derek Knauss is a clinical lab specialist focussing on virology and immunology


I have a PhD in virology and immunology. I’m a clinical lab scientist and have tested 1500 “supposed” positive Covid 19 samples collected here in S. California. When my lab team and I did the testing through Koch’s postulates and observation under a SEM (scanning electron microscope), we found NO Covid in any of the 1500 samples.

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French lads are burning down “vaccine” centers

* France Erupts Against Covid Tyranny


Impact of Covid Vaccinations on Mortality

* More deaths by “vaccine” than Covid yet they keep pushing “vaccine”
* VAERS Whistleblower: “45,000 dead from Covid-19 vaccines within 3 days of vaccination,” sparks lawsuit against Federal government 


Conquering the devastation of Covid-19: What the world can learn from China

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Paramedics know what’s really going on

This is nothing less than Willful Mass Murder

* CENSORED: CDC records almost 12,000 DEATHS in 7 months following Covid-19 injections 

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It’s Rome vs Babylon as undeclared Western civil war reaches crescendo

Benjamin Fulford Report, July 19, 2021

The undeclared civil war in the West has opened a long-hidden schism in Western civilization: the contradiction between Egyptian and Mesopotamian traditions (Babylon) and Greco-Roman-Germanic European traditions (Rome).  This schism has been revealed for all to see by the ongoing fake pandemic.

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Pastor JD Farag: Bible Prophecy Update – July 18, 2021

If you take the jab you are no longer recognized as a human being

‘Trans-Human’ … now they OWN YOU!

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