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Mental illness > Parents of teenage boy give him monthly hormone injections so he can have a sex change

Caren and David Middleton want NHS to give their son, 12, powerful puberty-halting treatment so he can be a girl > clearly very sick in the head already

Read about these lunatics’ disorder HERE

* Society must ‘back off’ pushing sex change surgery for children, says Sir Salman Rushdie as he reveals concern over liberal attitudes to procedures
Transgenders increasingly want to revert back to original gender after having surgery  

The Renfroe Family gets to see Phil Robertson

Why Big Oil conquered the World

“I went to hell and saw my friends there”

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Who is “The New Human?” – Mary Rodwell

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Yuri Bezmenov: “Deception was my job”

Former propagandist of the KGB explains how a nation can be destroyed from within – without firing a single shot – by first ‘de-moralizing its Useful Idiots’ (Sun Tzu, ‘The Art of War’)

* Yuri Bezmenov on subversion and useful idiots. Conspiracy or human nature?
* Evan Sayet: Understanding how modern Liberals think
* Love Letter To America The World – Tomas Schuman (Yuri Bezmenov)  


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What is The Deep State?

Interview with former CIA officer Kevin Shipp

* Vegas Terror & Disclosure: Is something very big about to happen? – Divine Cosmos by David Wilcock


The DEEP STATE’s Silent Coup

Explosive interview with former NSA operative with the highest security clearance i.e. ‘For The President’s Eyes Only’


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The Deep State owns and controls every facet of your life

… and nothing will ever change!


Suddenly MI6, Mossad, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Yakuza and others all say something big is coming

Benjamin Fulford Report, October 9, 2017


Suddenly all sorts of people who dropped contact after the March 11, 2011 Fukushima terror attack are trying to contact the White Dragon Society (WDS) through this writer. These include a top Yakuza assassin, a senior MI6 operative, an NSA representative, a representative from a new CIA faction, and others. They, together with our regular contacts, all agree that something big is coming.

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