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Arrest of Cabal Agent in Japan will be a Game-changer

* The GoldFish Report No. 609 — Geopolitics with The Red & White Dragons

Benjamin Fulford Report, November 23, 2020

While the U.S. remains locked in a power struggle; a game-changing opportunity is presenting itself in Japan.  On Thursday, November 26th Doctor Ryuichi Morishita will be publicly promoting a vaccine that alters human DNA to cure the provably non-existent “Covid 19,” virus.  Morishita reports to senior Khazarian Mafia agent and former Goldman Sachs employee David Atkinson.  Atkinson seems to think he runs Japan on behalf of his Rockefeller and Rothschild masters.

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Pastor JD Farag: Bible Prophecy Update – November 22, 2020

“Pandemic is Over”

Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer says “Second Wave” faked on False-Positive COVID tests

* Pandemics are over when the public decides they’re over 

This video provides one of the most erudite and informative looks at Covid-19 and the consequences of lockdowns. As AIER notes, it was remarkable this week to watch as it appeared on YouTube and was forcibly taken down only 2 hours after posting.

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Joe Biden did NOT receive 79,685,131 votes. It’s IMPOSSIBLE! Here’s why …

* The Party Is Over !!! – ‘Releasing the Kraken’ spells the demise of the Democrat Party
* Kaboom! Governor and Secretary of State in Georgia took money from China (To steal election from Trump)


An Open Letter from a Walkaway

Dear Fellow Voters,

I have sat by and watched this ridiculous election spectacle and can remain silent no longer.

First, let me say that Joe Biden did not receive my vote.  And I was a lifelong Democrat.  I am a recent walkaway, however.

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America is under attack!

Trump and millions of Americans will defend this nation from takeover

* “Georgia is the first state I’m going to blow up and Mr. Kemp and the Secretary of State need to go with it!” — Sidney Powell releases the Kraken! (video)
Health Ranger Report SITUATION UPDATE, Nov. 21 – How the MASS ARRESTS will go down

By George Eaton
Sunday, 22-Nov-2020

If Trump does not win this election, MILLIONS of patriotic Americans will be ready, willing and able to go to war. No amount of existing Antifa and BLM mobs will be able to stand up to them. Trump has already set up the legal and Constitutional means to defend his election win.

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Amir Tsarfati, Nov 21, 2020: Where are we in Bible Prophecy?

Amir Tsarfati: The Fullness of the Gentiles

“… behold, now is the accepted time;
behold, now is the day of salvation.”

2 Corinthians 6:2

Chronology of major religions of the world, in light of Bible timeline

5554 BC – (Creation / Genesis)

3898 -2948 BC – (Noah)

3298 BC – (The Great Flood. Noah’s ark was discovered by Ron Wyatt in June 20, 1987 on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey.)

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Replacing Mark Esper, Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller activates special operations forces to report directly to him

* Finally, Trump’s Press Conference Today Has Meat
* Watch: Trump Campaign Legal Team Exposes “Massive, Well-Funded Effort” To Destroy American Democracy
* 9 Key Points from Trump Campaign Press Conference on Challenges to Election Results 

For those who are reluctant to recognize the actions taking place to defend America against both foreign and domestic enemies, a massive change was just put in place at the Department of Defense that proves some additional clues about what’s going down.

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Meet Lord Malloch Brown

The British hand behind the coup to oust Trump


Throughout the four-year drama of Russiagate, the hand of British intelligence has revealed itself continuously …

From the obvious role of Sir Richard Dearlove and his former MI6 underlying Christopher Steele who together played a driving role in shaping the dodgy dossier, to their involvement with Oxford Rhodes Scholar Strobe Talbott in composing, promoting and marketing the fraudulent dossier to targeted members of Congress and media, to British Ambassador Sir Darroch caught “flooding the zone” with British intelligence assets to shape Trump’s perception of the world, to the array of British entrapment operations that targeted Michael Flynn as early as 2014 in London… wherever one looks, the hand of British intelligence seems to be everywhere.

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