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‘Heaven is for Real’

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Leo Terrell: Black Lives Matter disingenuous because only certain Black lives they care about

* Black civil rights attorney Leo Terrell announces his support for the re-election of Donald Trump  

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The Purge: The natural progression of “woke” censorship is tyranny

As I have noted in the past, in order to be a conservative one has to stick to certain principles. For example, you have to stand against big government and state intrusions into individual lives, you have to support our constitutional framework and defend civil liberties, and you also have to uphold the rights of private property. Websites are indeed private property, as much as a person’s home is private property. There is no such thing as free speech rights in another person’s home, and there is no such thing as free speech rights on a website.

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The Trump Earthquake: End-time sign or omen?

Greatest speech ever highlights from Tulsa Rally 2020


We digitized the mob, and there’s no place to hide

Why can’t our leaders bring themselves to condemn anti-social violence?

The most shocking aspect of the wave of rioting and destruction that has been unleashed on many of our American cities in the wake of George Floyd’s death is not that there is an underlying discontent with the rate of progress in racial equality. That is understandable. What is not is the way that mayors, governors and members of Congress have not just tolerated, but endorsed, mob violence as an acceptable weapon of social change.

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Disney demonstrates deepfake technology that can swap people’s faces in high-resolution

Disney wants deepfakes to hit the big screen


In a recently published paper, Disney Research Studios described a facial-swapping technology that uses an AI algorithm to realistically alter one’s facial features in high-resolution.

While the technology isn’t by any means novel, the algorithm is unique in that its capable of producing images that are high-resolution and as a result, photorealistic.

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Forbes censors award-winning environmentalist’s apology over three-decade ‘Climate Scare’

> Time for Greta Thunberg to stop her stupid bullshit, stfu and go back to school. A kid just doesn’t know enough to scream doomsday to the world. <


Michael Shellenberger, climate activist of 30 years and author of ‘Apocalypse Never’

Forbes has decided to unpublish an article by award-winning climate activist Michael Shellenberger, in which he apologizes “for the climate scare we created over the last 30 years.”

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NATO 2030: How to make a bad idea worse

Just when you thought the leaders of NATO could not push the limits of insanity any further, something like NATO 2030 is announced.

After helping blow up the Middle East and North Africa, dividing the Balkans into zones of war and tension, turning Ukraine upside down using armadas of neo Nazis, and encircling Russia with a ballistic missile shield, the leaders of this Cold War relic have decided that the best way to deal with instability of the world is… more NATO.

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Chaos increasing in U.S. and worldwide as Khazarian mafia desperately struggles to survive

Benjamin Fulford Report, June 29, 2020

This week we would like to inform readers that our newsletter is under unprecedented attack and that your support is needed now more than ever. One of our main intelligence sources in South Asia is being held indefinitely in prison under life-threatening conditions based on planted evidence and trumped-up charges. Another has vanished. Yet another was poisoned with ricin. Your correspondent has also been targeted over the past two months by no less than three poisoning attempts and survived with assistance from both NSA and Asian secret society sources. This work carries risks that we all understand but there is no alternative but to fight on as the fate of humanity is at stake.

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Pastor JD Farag: Bible Prophecy Update – June 28, 2020