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In SRC trial, Najib tells court he didn’t know Jho Low worked with bank to manage his accounts

* Najib admits didn’t verify Saudi ‘donations’ with Wisma Putra
* Najib: Insane for me to willingly take SRC funds
* Najib says he bought RM466,330 watch for Rosmah on her birthday in Hawaii
* SRC Trial: Former AG Apandi to be called in as defence witness to verify 2016 statement vindicating Najib  

Former prime minister Najib Razak is pictured at the Kuala Lumpur High Court December 9, 2019. — Picture by Firdaus Latif

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 9 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak told the High Court today that he was unaware AmBank was liaising with Low Taek Jho to manage his accounts.

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China winning as West remains paralyzed by bloodline vs. Illuminati battle

Benjamin Fulford Report, December 9, 2019

The Western world remains paralyzed by an elite civil war while China keeps getting stronger and stronger and is heading towards absolute dominance. Unless this civil war is ended, the Western G6 alliance (G7 minus Japan) will lose the ability to control the United Nations and the direction humanity chooses for its future.

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Pastor JD Farag: Bible Prophecy Update – December 8, 2019

Dr M to look into ‘deep state among civil servants’ claim

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he will seek information on the allegations of the existence of a “deep state”, which is trying to sabotage the administration of the Pakatan Harapan government, among civil servants.

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Saudi terrorist hosted dinner party to watch mass shooting videos night before naval base attack

* Military bases across the U.S are put on high alert as FBI hunts missing Saudi servicemen linked to Pensacola shooting and probes shooter’s trip to New York two days before as terror investigators are called in

Update: The Saudi student who shot and killed three people at a US naval base in Florida hosted a dinner party the night before the attack where he and others watched videos of mass shootings, according to the Associated Press, citing a US official.

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The God of the Bible is the God of mankind

* Ancient Chinese history in light of the Book of Genesis
Discovery of Genesis in Chinese characters  

The Chinese of ancient days worshipped the God of the Bible

The Temple of Heaven In China

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Neonatal nurse on Vaccines: “We are destroying an entire generation of children”

* Seven schoolchildren who were clinically dead for SIX hours after their boat capsized in an icy lake ALL came back to life after doctors ‘warmed their blood’ 
* How seven kids came back from the dead – BBC Stories

Michelle Rowton is neonatal nurse practioner, specializing in the care of children ages 2 years old and younger. She has worked for over 17 years working in NICU, with pre-mature and sick babies.

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Connecting the dots in 1MDB saga: The IPIC settlement

* Malaysia gets Abu Dhabi’s IPIC into court over 1MDB
* Court told of 39 insurance policies worth over RM72,000 to cover 20 cars, bikes for Zahid, family  

Toby Landau, lawyer representing the Harapan government in London in the matter regarding a ‘consent award’ settlement out of court by 1MDB. It involves paying International Petroleum Investment Corporation (IPIC) US$5.78 billion (RM24 billion)

INTERVIEW | Pink diamonds, superyacht Equanimity and details of an intricate money trail allegedly linked to sovereign wealth fund, 1MDB, have surfaced since the financial scandal broke five years ago.

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Why apocalyptic claims about Climate Change are wrong

* Exposing The Promoters Of Climate Anxiety

How you know ‘climate change’ is a SCAM. 1st, the label morphed from ‘global warming.’ 2nd, ‘climate change’ screws you whether the change is in the negative or positive. 3rd, a TAX is involved. 4th, you don’t hear the fakers scream to plant more trees to solve the ‘carbon problem.’ 5th, the ‘climate / temperature’ in your part of the world changes from morn to noon to evening to night, every day – have you not noticed? Yeah, the fakers should just STFU!

Environmental journalists and advocates have in recent weeks made a number of apocalyptic predictions about the impact of climate change. Bill McKibben suggested climate-driven fires in Australia had made koalas “functionally extinct.” Extinction Rebellion said

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Dr. Ben Carson – Liberty University Convocation

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