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God’s Best Kept Secret – and the significance of this mystery

The ‘disappearance’ of the Ark of The Covenant sometime between 592-586 B.C. during King Zedekiah’s reign and its discovery in 1982 A.D.


It was probable prophet Jeremiah was responsible for hiding away the Ark of The Covenant before the Babylonians destroyed Solomon Temple in 586 B.C. And according to Ron Wyatt, its discoverer, one day while walking in Jerusalem his left hand suddenly went up pointing to a spot and the following words came out of his mouth involuntarily: “There is Jeremiah’s grotto and the Ark of The Covenant is there.”

Truth does not become not truth because one does not agree or chooses not to believe it. Neither does it stand nor fall based on one’s feeling or opinion. Truth only collapses when it is proven to be a lie.

The Ark of The Covenant is the most holy and most precious artefact linked to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is the Throne of God on Earth. When housed in a tabernacle or Temple, it would be placed in the most Holy of Holies. Only the high priest was allowed to attend to it and then only once a year he would go inside the most Holy place to sprinkle blood of unblemished sacrificed animals on the east side of the Ark (Leviticus 16:14) for atonement of sins of Israel. One wrong move by the high priest and he would be struck dead. That was why the high priest, as he went about performing his duty, would have a rope tied to his ankle and his ceremonial garment lined with bells at its hem. When the jingling of bells was heard, it would mean all was well; if not, the corpse of the high priest would be pulled out using the rope.

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Proof that there is NO PANDEMIC

* HRR Situation Update, Mar. 4, 2021 – Black leaders dare to tell the truth about vaccine depopulation GENOCIDE
* Whistleblower reveals many pregnancy complications following experimental COVID injections – “Vaccine leaving a trail of devastated mothers”
* Doctor mocks anti-Vaxxers while getting experimental COVID jab – Dies Days Later 



HRR Situation Update, Mar 3, 2021 – We are not the first civilization on Earth to face a catastrophic WIPEOUT

Women recently injected with experimental Covid vaccines are showing symptoms of BREAST CANCER

A group of Utah doctors have discovered something terrifying in recent mammogram screenings taken at the Breast Care Centre in Salt Lake City, Utah. Women who were recently injected with experimental COVID vaccines suffer from abnormal inflammation of the lymph nodes in their breasts. According to the Intermountain Healthcare doctors, women who take the covid-19 vaccines are showing symptoms of breast cancer.

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The Fake ‘GREAT RESET’ & The End of Civilization as we know it

The Fourth TurningFourth Industrial RevolutionThe Fourth Reich

Make no mistake: HUGE change is upon US during this third decade of the Third Millennium no matter what predictions come true or don’t.


Nothing demonstrates that inevitable “Huge change” more than the worldwide execution of OPERATION COVID-19 since January of 2020.

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Covid-19 vaccine deaths …

* Eugenicists Plan to Depopulate the Planet- Higher death counts will occur as time passes, especially for those that take this … ‘vaccine.’ Months from now will tell the tale, and it won’t be a pretty picture


Found 1,095 cases where vaccine was administered and patient died

Case #1 …

Administered by: Senior Living       Purchased by: ?
Symptoms: DeathDysphagiaFeeding disorderLethargyMobility decreasedSpeech disorder
SMQs:, Anticholinergic syndrome (broad), Dementia (broad), Parkinson-like events (broad), Psychosis and psychotic disorders (broad), Guillain-Barre syndrome (broad), Noninfectious encephalitis (broad), Noninfectious encephalopathy/delirium (broad), Noninfectious meningitis (broad), Gastrointestinal nonspecific symptoms and therapeutic procedures (broad), Tendinopathies and ligament disorders (broad), Hypoglycaemia (broad)Life Threatening? No
Birth Defect? No
Died? Yes
   Date died: 2021-01-07
   Days after onset: 2
Permanent Disability? No
Recovered? No
Office Visit? No
ER Visit? No
ER or Doctor Visit? No
Hospitalized? No
Previous Vaccinations:
Other Medications: Amlodipine 5 mg daily, Dexamethasone 4 mg daily (for itching related to renal failure), Isosorbide dinitrate 30 mg daily, Levothyroxine 0.075 mg daily, Bisoprolol 5 mg BID, Furosemide 80 mg BID, saline nasal spray, Tylenol 1000 mg PO TID
Current Illness: none acute
Preexisting Conditions: He was on hospice for about the last 1 month for CHF (EF 20-25%) and renal failure (creat 3-4). He was on hospice but was up and around and able to eat and take pills. The day after he had his injection, he was very lethargic and only mumbled. Was not able to take meds or eat. He was on hospice, so did not want work-up or treatment. He passed away on 1/7 am. We don”t know if it was a coincidence that he died or if the vaccine caused him to deteriorate more quickly.
Allergies: Losartan, lisinopril, metoprolol
Diagnostic Lab Data: He did not have testing at that point because he was on Hospice.
CDC Split Type:Write-up: Patient received vaccine on 1/4/2021. He was in Hospice for CHF and renal failure, but was able to get up in his wheelchair and eat and take medications and talk. On 1/5/2021 am, he was noted to be very lethargic an could only mumble, could not swallow. No localizing neurologic findings. He was too lethargic to get up in chair.
VAERS ID:930154 (history)  Form:Version 2.0  Age:60.0  Sex:Male  Location:Ohio   Vaccinated:2021-01-05Onset:2021-01-08   Days after vaccination:3Submitted:0000-00-00Entered:2021-01-08


Middle-East power struggle tip of the iceberg

Benjamin Fulford Report, March 1, 2021

The U.S. administration learned an important lesson in real politics last week when it tried to get justice for murdered Jamal Khashoggi.  What became obvious is that Western power is essentially a mendacracy or liarcracy; rule by liars.  That means that if you believe the reality as described by the corporate media, you understand next to nothing.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) deserved to be publicly blamed for the brutal murder of Washington Post columnist Khashoggi as outlined by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence report blaming MBS for the murder.

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Pastor JD Farag: Bible Prophecy Update – February 28, 2021

* Coronavirus in the BIBLE | Pastor Steve Cioccolanti on how Pandemic affects Christians, Jews & World


31 reasons NOT to take the Covid-19 vaccine

The following list was created by the Israeli rabbi Chananya Weissman

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The world is suffering from “Mass Delusional Psychosis”

Story at-a-glance

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