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Folks, claim thy status as a man and get rich!

* This is one way to stand up to tyrants and their dogs — but taking orders is way simpler, and thou can get very rich! 

During ‘enforced vaccine mandate,’ should any public servant or person “order” thee to do something thou do not wish to do – thou ask him/her (this applies to every public servant or person present harassing thee) this 2 simple questions …

Is this your wish?
Is this your order?

As soon as they answer in the affirmative “YES,” immediately issue each one present an INVOICE for the first 24-hour day @ $1 per second for every second as fair and just compensation for thou to perform their orders! And payment is due immediately (as when one orders a meal at MacD)!

It is a tidy sum of $86,400 PER PERSON per every 24-hour day until they stop their orders!

Be happy and take their orders, and get rich!

Click link to learn the process &
download a copy of the sample invoice

Brazil’s president condemns vaccine passports, suppression of early Covid treatments

“We have supported doctor’s professional autonomy in the quest for early treatment measures in line with recommendations issued by the Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine”

Featured ImageJair Bolsonaro Photo by Eduardo Munoz-Pool/Getty Images

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro told the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday that he opposes vaccine passports, vaccine mandates, and any coercion that deters medical freedom.

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SPECIAL PRIVILEGES: NBA basketball stars won’t be required to take Covid vaccines, just like members of Congress and their staffers

What does this tell you? The Covid virus does not exist. The killshots are silent holocaust in motion.

Image: SPECIAL PRIVILEGES: NBA basketball stars won’t be required to take covid vaccines, just like members of Congress and their staffers

There is a privileged class of “elites” in this country who have declared themselves exempt from all Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” mandates. One of them is Congress, and another is the NBA.

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PROOF: Hospitals are lying about being overrun with Covid patients … many facilities are EMPTY

Image: PROOF: Hospitals are lying about being overrun with covid patients… many facilities are EMPTY

Another medical field whistleblower has come forward to blow the lid on the media’s lies concerning hospital ICUs being “overrun” with Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) patients.

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Fcuk the Covid vaccine – This death shot is killing & maiming people by the hundreds of thousands

Warning: Viewer’s discretion advised


Female period changes after Covid-19 vaccines were reported 27,000 times in 9 months

The medicines regulatory agency in the UK has received over 27,000 reports of period changes in females after receiving COVID-19 vaccines in the past nine months, however medical experts still urge women who are trying to get pregnant to get vaccinated.

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Medical associations are back stripping licenses from doctors who warn against Covid-19 jabs

The American Board of Pediatrics, American Board of Family Medicine, and American Board of Internal Medicine support the Federation of State Medical Boards’ decision that all boards should revoke or suspend the license and certification of doctors who question the safety of the experimental COVID-19 jabs. 

Featured Image

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – Three professional medical associations have backed a bid to strip doctors who speak out against the novel COVID-19 inoculations of their ability to practice medicine. 

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President of Croatia: We will NOT be vaccinated anymore


Catherine Austin Fitts: Technology and the Banking Reset


Australians sending the NWO police fleeing for their lives

* Police fire rubber bullets to clear demonstration at Melbourne’s war memorial after protesters threw bottles and refused to leave – as third day of rallies by construction workers and anti-vaxxers again turns violent  

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