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[Pinned] The head of the Khazarian mafia NWO globalists tells you plainly HOW they’re getting rid of you & taking over all national governments

“It all can be done with a simple little virus,
easy deception, and a little jab here and there.”

CONSPIRACY FACT they want us dead! pdf download
THE “PLAN” – Overthrow All National Governments pdf

Jacob Rothschild

Soros confirms for us Putin & Xi are our only hope against the evil Khazarian mafia NWO globalists

George Soros tells Davos crowd
“civilization may not survive,”
defeat Putin and Xi or else

* A Strange Day Is Coming To America  

George Soros

In his first appearance in person at Davos since Slamming Trump as a “conman, narcissist” and claiming Mark Zuckerberg was conspiring to get him re-elected in March 2020 (and warned that “the overheated US economy can’t be kept boiling for too long”), billionaire George Soros unveiled his traditionally anticipated annual address, taking aim squarely at China (nothing new there) but adding Russia to his hit list.

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This is how ridiculously dumbed-down most Americans have become


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A peek inside Azovstal catacombs after surrender of about 2,500 Nazi Azov soldiers

* Madness! Ukraine gov’t files Bill to allow officers to KILL surrendering Ukraine troops  
* Ukraine DPR troops protest continuing combat duty after 40% casualties and no rest  


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16 biggest LIES the US govt tells America [& the world] about the Ukraine conflict

* The ‘whole world’ is way smaller than most people realise  

By Richard Ochs, May 18, 2022

In any war, the first casualty is truth. Here are the biggest lies:

1. “Ukraine is a democracy”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky banned all opposition parties and banned the use of Russian as a second state language. Why did he violate his 2019 campaign promise to stop the genocidal killing of thousands in Donbas, even though they voted for him? Did he lie because neo-Nazis threatened to kill him if he did not do what they wanted? [1] Or is he afraid of the CIA, which has assassinated other leaders, making him their puppet? Are we to trust the judgment of a man who demands a no-fly zone which could cause a global nuclear holocaust? Zelensky oversees torture and assassination of political dissenters.[2]

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Covid vaccine blood clot issue “may be in the hundreds,” but “heart issue is in the thousands”

Heart specialist, Cardiologist Dr. Sanjay Verma sees many more cases of heart inflammation since Covid vaccine roll out

Dr. Sanjay Verma

By Enrico Trigoso

Dr. Sanjay Verma, an adult cardiologist practicing in Coachella Valley, California, sees a few hundred patients a month, and since last summer, he has seen “possibly a dozen” patients whose heart conditions might be connected to the COVID vaccines.

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Domino effect of surrender of Ukrainian soldiers in Azovstal on rest of Ukrainian troops in Donbass


Top secret negotiations for new age proceed well as Western rule collapses

Benjamin Fulford Report, May 23, 2022

Top-level negotiations between Asian and Western elders to start a new golden age for humanity are proceeding well, according to sources involved. The basic agreement calls for the complete write-off of all debts, public and private, a one-time redistribution of assets and a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and colonize the universe with earth life.

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Who is this devil-worshipper trying to play God?

“The future is built by us, by our powerful
community … as you here in this room”

Klaus Schwab of the Khazarian mafia NWO globalists revealing
the PLAN to overthrow all national governments at Davos, Switzerland, May 22-26

Here’s the list of part of his minions he is talking to. Who in your country has he in his pocket to carry out the globalists’ dirty work? Watch out for their next scam – Monkey Pox pandemic & vaccinations!!

* NWO major meetings to instruct various govts on how best to oppress their citizens (vid)  
* What the Davos ‘World Economic Forum’ has planned next (vid) 
* “He has an incredible knack to smell the next fad”: How Klaus Schwab built a billionaire circus at Davos 

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Pastor JD Farag: Bible Prophecy Update – May 22, 2022

Does God exist?

A quick answer in 5 words …


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