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Pay cuts for directors of GLCs and government agencies next?

Do it! Stop the rape and pillage now!

* Gov’t may slash fat paychecks of GLC directors: report
Sidek Hassan needs to read the signs, and go  

This article first appeared in The Edge Malaysia Weekly, on June 11, 2018 – June 17, 2018.

THE government is understood to be mulling over making drastic changes in the appointment and remuneration of directors at government-linked companies (GLCs) and agencies, sources familiar with the matter tell The Edge.

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Malaysian dead man walking caper – Part 2

Neil Keenan Update, June 17, 2018

This is the continuation to the previous Part 1 complaint that raised the roofs of the Malaysian Government and helped sort out the blatant corruption of Malaysian PM Rajib Nazak and his political cronies.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak

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These European countries are refusing to accept the unchecked influx of migrants

The people are waking up to the madness of their governments and are taking their country back!


Much has been written about the unchecked influx of migrants into Europe recently. As the EU promotes the warm, fuzzy, “inclusive” policies that are overwhelming countries with immigrants, some of those countries are bluntly starting to say, “no more.” At the same time, other countries seem to be quietly preparing for… something … without being quite so forthcoming about the event for which they are readying themselves.

Millions of refugees and asylum seekers, primarily from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Somalia are flowing into Europe, largely unchecked. This is because of a welcoming “open door” policy promoted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel back in 2015. Despite the backlash from Europeans, Merkel says she has “no regrets.”

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‘Drain the swamp’ goes into hyper-drive

Putrajaya purges more GLC chiefs


There’s no help for it – those perceived as close to or campaigning for the Barisan Nasional government led by Najib Razak (second from right) in the 2018 elections will have to go. – The Malaysian Insight pic, June 19, 2018

PUTRAJAYA is removing more chief executives in government-linked companies (GLCs) in a continuing purge of Barisan Nasional (BN) political appointees following the change of government in the May 9 polls.

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Legal eagles hired for 1MDB case

* Indications point to multi-jurisdiction legal battle ahead
* Dr M: Malaysia seeks to lay multiple charges against Najib over 1MDB  

KUALA LUMPUR: The next spotlight for the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) saga will be the intense battle of the legal eagles.

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How corrupt is Malaysia’s [ousted] Prime Minister?

* Reason why the people of Malaysia booted Najib Razak out of office
* Freeze order on ‘mystery’ boxes in defence contractor’s compound in KL
* Altantuya’s dad to meet Attorney General today  

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The hunt is on

Malaysian police working with Interpol to track Jho Low’s whereabouts


Currently, the police are collating information through their available intelligence to locate and track down Low, whose real name is Low Taek Jho. (File pix)

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian police is working with the Interpol to pinpoint the location of businessman Jho Low, in an investigation linked to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal.

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Rebirth of Manchuria plotted as Europe faces summer of discontent

Benjamin Fulford Report, June 18, 2018

Once again the world faces a long hot summer of discontent, with the major action likely to be in Europe and East Asia this year.  The EU is likely to experience regime change due to popular anger as warm weather brings in yet another massive wave of mostly male Muslim immigrants.  In the Far East, the summit meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un has led to serious plotting to revive a Manchurian empire straddling from Mongolia to Northern China to Korea to Japan, according to multiple independent sources, including CIA and Japanese military intelligence.

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Pastor JD Farag: Mid-East Prophecy Update – Jun 17, 2018

Father’s Day; end-times fatigue


Pakatan Harapan government continues to ‘drain the swamp’

Immigration, police to be revamped, says home minister

* Investigators recommend charging Najib
A look at the resignation of Malaysia’s two top judges and what’s next
* Election shock leaves Umno news portals‎ scrambling
* Abu Kassim may replace Ali Hamsa as Chief Secretary, says report  

Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says the structure of the Immigration Department and the Royal Malaysia Police is confusing and must be revamped. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, June 17, 2018

THE Immigration Department and the Royal Malaysia Police will be revamped due to its “confusing” structure, said Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

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