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There’s a new sheriff in town … no more freebies

Neil Keenan Update | March 24, 2019

Neil Keenan as part of his initiation as Amanah in former president of Indonesia Sukarno’s room

See also: The Asian Insider: Why Was Neil Keenan Elected Amanah?

The relentless battle continues for the ultimate end to worldwide, financial debt slavery.

In fact, it has exponentially heated up, as Neil Keenan and Group K are valiantly moving against this nefarious nemesis on the world stage, particularly in Indonesia.

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Tyre factory, Directors charged over Sungai Kim Kim pollution

Fire and Rescue Department personnel take water samples from the site of a chemical dump in Sungai Kim Kim, Pasir Gudang March 7, 2019. — Bernama pic

JOHOR BARU, March 25 — Two directors of a used tyre processing company were each charged at the Sessions Court here again today, with 15 offences involving the disposal of scheduled wastes and air pollution in Sg Kim Kim, Pasir Gudang, early this month.

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Negotiations to create “world federation government” reach critical stage as Zionism implodes

Benjamin Fulford Report, March 25, 2019

The month of March continues its madness with an unprecedented historical event—the formation of the first-ever world government—unfolding before our eyes.  What is happening is that the P2 Freemason lodge, the people who created monotheism, are making a deal with the Asian secret societies to create a “world federation government,” P2 and Asian secret society sources confirm.  The only people standing in the way now are Satan-worshipers and fanatical Zionists who still cling to ancient superstitions.

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Pastor JD Farag: Bible Prophecy Update – March 24, 2019

Trump “totally exonerated,” calls for investigation into “illegal takedown that failed”

Update 145pmET: President Trump has called for an investigation into the “illegal takedown that failed” – after Special Counsel Robert Mueller found that Trump and his campaign did not collude with Russia in the 2016 US election.

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PM: Constitution not subordinated by international treaties

* PM again warns of retaliation if EU keeps up palm oil offensive  

Dr Mahathir said acceding to global treaties and conventions did not mean Malaysia would apply any portions that contradict the Federal Constitution. — Picture by Mukhriz Hazim

PULAU CAREY, March 24 — The Federal Constitution will guide Malaysia’s ratification or adoption of any global treaties and conventions, the prime minister said today.

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Goodbye to the Internet

Interference by governments is already here


There is a saying attributed to the French banker Nathan Rothschild that “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” Conservative opinion in the United States has long suspected that Rothschild was right and there have been frequent calls to audit the Federal Reserve Bank based on the presumption that it has not always acted in support of the actual interests of the American people. That such an assessment is almost certainly correct might be presumed based on the 2008 economic crash in which the government bailed out the banks, which had through their malfeasance caused the disaster, and left individual Americans who had lost everything to face the consequences.

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‘Why Johnny Can’t Think’

Progressive education’s toll on millennial minds

* Meet the Harvard dropout who has a “cheatproof” test to dethrone the SATs   

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Hannity: The Left’s favorite conspiracy theory is dead

After 22 months, the Russian Collusion Hoax probe against Trump finally ends, with ZERO evidence

* Mueller submits long-awaited Russia probe report to Justice Department
* Read DOJ letter to Congress announcing end of Mueller probe
* First lawsuit filed seeking to make Mueller report public

How to approach the Bible

After studying Michael Heiser’s work, you’ll read your Bible with new eyes …

Michael helps clear up the ‘mysteries’ in scripture and make sense of events by connecting dots and filling gaps, referencing books that had been omitted from our Bibles

* Top 10 Myths about Bible Study
* People don’t need protection from the Bible 

* The Book of Enoch ; * The Septuagint and Hebrew Scriptures
The Book of Jasher ; * The Gospel of Judas ; * The Apocrypha  

Michael Heiser Web ; Michael Heiser YouTube #1 ; Michael Heiser YouTube #2

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